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Trivia 7/22

trivia 7/22
It is well known that weather and mood are linked. Scientists have
discovered the ideal temperature at which happiness peaks: 57.02 degrees

1. What is the name of the unusual phenomenon that happens over a ship's
mast during an electrical storm?
(Hint; Three Words)
2. Movie Taglines;
"There is something about your first piece" ...
3. What's the name of the coffee shop in Seattle where Frasier and Niles
Crane meet quite often?
4. In the game of Pool, what color is the Two ball ?
5. By what name do we better know Roy Harold Scherer Jr.
(Hint a 'solid' Hollywood Star)
6. Who Sang That ??
"Oh Mickey what a pity you don't understand. You take me by the heart when
you take me by the hand"
7. What country is part of the United Kingdom but not part of Great
8. To what faith do Tina Turner, Richard Gere, and Tiger Woods subscribe?

Al Capone played the banjo in the prison band, "The Rock Islanders", while
incarcerated in Alcatraz Prison.
1. St Elmo's Fire
2. 'American Pie'
3. Café Nervosa
4. Blue
5. Rock Hudson
6. Toni Basil
7. Northern Ireland
8. Buddhism

The prison wasn’t always dreary. Warden, James Johnston, believed that
having good food would keep inmates from rioting. Three meals were served a
day, and prisoners could get more servings if they finished their previous
plate. One inmate was kept in each cell, which was safer. Monthly movies
were shown for those exhibiting good behavior, as well as access to a 15,000
book library, and 75 magazine subscriptions. Al Capone played banjo in the
Rock Islanders, an inmate band. Word is there were prisoners who asked to be
transferred to The Rock for these perks.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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