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Trivia 7/23

trivia 7/23
The criminal behind the bars on the “Jail” square in the game of Monopoly
has a name :
It’s “Jake the Jailbird”.

1. National Football League star William Perry was known by what nickname?
2. Who had a hit with a song called: The Devil Went Down To Georgia?
3. In Computer Speak, what does GPU stand for ?
4. What year saw Lucky Lindy Take off on his solo flight to Paris ?
a. -- 1922
b. - 1927
c. - 1932
d. - 1937
5. Why don't Polar Bears eat Penguins ?
6. Why was Muhammad Ali stripped of his heavyweight title in 1967?
7. Ariel is the heroine in 'The Little Mermaid" : What's the Hero's name ?
8. Martin Luther, the monk and professor of theology who expressed his
criticism of Roman Catholic beliefs in Ninety-five Theses nailed to the door
of All Saints' Church, Wittenberg, Germany, was a member of which Order ?
a. - Franciscan
b. - Benedictine
c. - Augustinian
d. - Dominican

Neil Sedaka named the tune, “Oh, Carol” for Singer / Songwriter Carol King.
1. The Refrigerator
2. Charlie Daniels Band
3. Graphics Processing Unit
4. - b
5. Their habitats do not intersect
6. Refused induction into the U.S military
7. (Prince) Eric
8. -c

Neil Sedaka named this song for the songwriter Carole King. They went to
Abraham Lincoln High in Brooklyn, New York along with Neil Diamond. Carol
(as her birth name of Carol Klein, before she picked the stage-surname of
"King") first came into Neil Sedaka's life as a member of the Linc-Tones,
the first group that Sedaka hustled together out of high school. Despite
what impression Neil might have left, they did not date.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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