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Trivia 7/30

trivia 7/30
Herbert Hoover (1874-1964), a Republican, was POTUS when the Great
Depression began. He infamously declared in March 1930 that the U.S. had
'passed the worst' and argued that the economy would sort itself out. The
worst, however, had just begun and would last until the outbreak of WWII .

1. Strange Words are These ; TIMBALE
a. - a Dish of finely minced meat or fish cooked with other ingredients in
a pastry shell
b. - Paired cylindrical drums played with sticks in Latin American dance
c. - Both
d. - Neither
2. Who Am I ?
After playing the role of the mother on "Lassie," I went out of this world,
playing the mother on "Lost In Space." Born in 1925, I played the mother in
a number of series over the years including one episode of the Drew Carey
show. I also was a regular on the television show, "Petticoat Junction," and
a hostess on the Miss America Pageant. My first role was as one of the
Crachit children in the 1938 film "A Christmas Carol."
3. What was the pen name used by Mary Ann Evans in writing "Silas Marner"?
4. At what temperature (F.) , at sea level, does water boil?
5. Into whose bag of grain did Joseph put a silver cup?
6. Who was America's first Female Talk Show host ?
7. What cereal brand was "liked" by "Mikey" ?
8. Which of the following religious systems did NOT originate in India?
a. - Jainism
b. - Taoism
c. - Sikhism
d. - Hinduism

In 1945, some U.S. cities saw women "rioting" as they attempted to buy Bras.
1. - c
2. I am June Lockhart
3. George Elliot
4. 212 degrees
5. Benjamin's
6. Sally Jessy Raphael
7. Life Cereal
8. - b

But they DID riot over nylons !!
Nylon stockings were introduced in 1939, and were an immediate hit with
women. Nylon was more durable and cheaper than silk, the fabric previously
used for most stockings. With the outbreak of WWII, however, they were no
longer available, as all nylon production was diverted to the war effort,
especially the manufacture of parachutes. When the war ended, Du Pont, which
owned the patent for nylon, announced that it would once again begin making
stockings, but they were unable to keep up with demand. When the first nylon
stockings hit the shelves in September, 1945 tens of thousands of women
lined up to buy them; in Pittsburgh, for example, an estimated 40,000 women
waited in line to buy a mere 13,000 pairs of stockings. The desire to get
their hands on some of the scarce hosiery sometimes led women to engage in
fights and knock down store displays. Reporters called the outbreaks of
violence "the nylon riots." It was not until 1946 that enough stockings were
produced to satisfy the demand for them.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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