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Trivia 7/5

trivia 7/5
Nebraska's tourism slogan is "Nebraska: Honestly, it's not for everyone.".

1. In 1959, Whom did Castro overthrow ?
2. name the performer(s) who have the dubious achievement of being the first
artist in the history of the Grammy Awards to have their Grammy revoked?
3. Who Am I ??
I am "West Philadelphia, born and raised" actor. I seem to have a talent
for making summer blockbusters. I have fought aliens (in three different
movies), zombies and robots, been a drunk superhero, a dating guru, and a
real-life boxer . Who am I ?
4. Which Russian politician had a prominent naevus flammeus?
(Bonus; what's the more common name for a naevus flammeus ?)
5. In the film 'The Dirty Dozen' which actor played the only survivor of the
squad of convicts?
a. - Telly Savalas
b. - Jim Brown
c. - Charles Bronson
d. - Lee Marvin
6. A gold ring that is 50% solid gold and 50% other metals will be rated how
many karats?
7. Before becoming POTUS, Ronald Reagan was President of ............ ??
8. What band sings the seventies song, "Jive Talkin"?

The American white Pelican is the smallest of the pelican family, sometimes
called the Pygmy Pelican.
1. Batista
2. Milli Vanilli
3. I am Will Smith
4. Mikhail Gorbachev (port-wine stain )
5. - c
6. - 12 Karat
7. Screen Actors Guild
8. The Bee Gees

The American white pelican, the largest of the pelicans, rivals the
trumpeter swan, with a similar overall length, as the longest bird native to
North America. Both very large and plump, it has an overall length of about
50–70 in (130–180 cm), courtesy of the huge beak which measures 11.3–15.2 in
(290–390 mm) in males and 10.3–14.2 in (260–360 mm) in females. It has a
wingspan of about 95–120 in (240–300 cm).[3] The species also has the second
largest average wingspan of any North American bird, after the California

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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