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Trivia 7/9

trivia 7/9
Jack Daniels’ Distillery hands out a free bottle of whiskey to its
employees on the last payday of every month.

1. How many people were executed for the assassination of President Abraham
2. Name That Flick !!
All Richard Dreyfuss wanted to do was get away with his family on a nice
quiet vacation. Bill Murray had other ideas and needed time with his new
3. What year saw the introduction of the Camaro ?
4. She's a modern day forensic pathologist. Her name is Dr. Kay Scarpetta.
Who is her creator ?
5. Karl Marx died in 1883 of a combination of pleurisy and bronchitis and
was buried in what city ?
a. - London
b. - Paris
c. - Oslo
d. - Moscow
6. Which actor was Kim Basinger married to between 1993 and 2002?
7. Roquefort is a really delicious cheese dotted with pockets of blue mold.
Which animal provides milk for the production of this cheese?
a. - Sheep
b. - Goats
c. - Cows
d. - Water Buffalo
8. On the sitcom "Three's Company", Jack was known as being an excellent
a. - Dancer
b. - Cook
c. - Poker Player
d. - Housekeeper

Great Britain has the distinction of never having suffered an assassination
of a Prime Minister.
1. Four
2. 'What About Bob?'
3. - 1967
4. Patricia Cornwell
5. - a
6. Alec Baldwin
7. - a
8. - b

In 1812 a disgruntled businessman who blamed Prime Minister Spencer Perceval
for the loss of his business, shot and killed him in the lobby of the House
of Commons.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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