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Trivia 8/10

trivia 8/10
After just under a year in space, astronaut Scott Kelly's gene expression
changed significantly. It is now different from his identical twin brother's

1. Greg Lemond was famous for which sport?
2. Of the following, which mountain range is the oldest?
a. - Rockies
b. - Appalachians
c. - Himalayas
d. - Sierra Nevada
3. What was Doc Holliday's profession?
4. "Next, Please..."
Genesis - Exodus - Leviticus - Numbers - ?
5. What bird, said to be sitting in the old gum tree, is indigenous to
Australia and New Guinea?
6. What's the currency of India ?
7. Which political adviser to three Presidents of the United States and
Secretary of State for two Presidents of the United States was awarded the
Nobel Peace prize for establishing a cease fire agreement with Le Duc Tho?
8. Which of these terms does not indicate a state of confusion?
a. - Flabbergasted
b. - Belabored
c. - Flummoxed
d. - Bamboozled

The word "Vinegar", a popular condiment all over the world, comes from the
Old French, meaning "Sour Wine" .
1. Cycling
2. - b
3. Dentist (Accepted; Gambler)
4. Deuteronomy
5. Kookaburra
6. the Rupee
7. Henry Kissinger
8. - b

Vinegar comes from the Old French "vin aigre", meaning "sour wine." Its main
ingredient is a weak acid, acetic acid, typically about 5% w/v though this
can be as high as 18% when pickling. Pasteur (1864) was able to demonstrate
that vinegar results from a natural fermentation process. It is often a
by-product of the winemaking process.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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