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Trivia 8/15

trivia 8/15
Shakespeare invented more than 1,700 words.

1. The first book in Dante's "Divine Comedy" is the "Inferno". What is the
last book called?
2. If you were getting locked up in Sing Sing prison, you were "Going up the
river" . What river did you have to go up to get there?
3. In the religious sense, what is a pallium?
a. - Communion wafer
b. - An archbishop's vestment
c. - Another name for a crucifix
d. - Another name for a Rosary
4. What is the standard length of a King Size cigarette?
a. - 2 inches
b. - 3 inches
c. - 84 mm
d. - 100 mm
5. Strange Words are these ;
The substance called polytetrafluoroethylene or for (mercifully) short,
PTFE, can be found in many kitchens under what common name?
6. Which of the following is the only two-term POTUS of the choices ?
a. - Hoover
b. - Monroe
c. - Taft
d. - Van Buren
7. Which of the Forty-Eight cast the final vote needed to repeal prohibition
in 1933?
a. - Illinois
b. - Utah
c. - Maine
d. - Texas
8. The Movie ; Paul Newman as Butch, Robert Redford as Sundance and
_________ ____ as Etta Place...
(Bonus; What year saw the release of this Flick ?)

The Coca-Cola Company once rejected an offer to buy Pepsi Cola for
1. Paradiso
2. the Hudson River
3. - b
4. - c
5. Teflon
6. - b
7. - b
8. Katharine ross (1969)

In 1931 Charles Guth of Loft Inc. offered a bankrupt soft drink subsidiary
to Coca Cola for one thousand dollars. They turned it down, thinking that
their near monopoly of the soft drink industry meant they didn't need to add
anything to their portfolio. The company they rejected went on to become
their biggest rival, Pepsi Cola.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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