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Trivia 8/19

trivia 8/19
Wyoming was the first state where women were granted the right to vote. If
women couldn't vote, Wyoming wouldn't have had enough voting citizens to
become a state.
Wyoming became a state in 1890.

1. Which band member of the Monkees played drums?
a. - Peter
b. - Mickey
c. - Peter
d. - Davy
2. Hepatitis is an illness related to which part of the body?
3. What links the cassowary, kiwi and penguin? (Yes, they are all birds, but
what else ??)
4. We owe the invention of alternating current generators and motors to
whom ?
a. - Thomas Edison
b. - Nikola Tesla
c. - Both of these
d. - Neither of These
5. Strange Words are These ; If someone engages in Kompology, what are they
a. - Playing Jacks
b. - Reciting from a Religious Text
c. - Bragging about themselves
d. - Collecting Beverage "Coasters"
6. The ancestor of all modern day chickens, the Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus
gallus) was native to what area of the world?
a. - South America
b. - Middle East
c. - East Africa
d. - Southeast Asia
7. From Shakespeare's "As You Like It", "All the world's a stage, and all
the men and women merely players."
What is the basic misconception inherent in this statement ?
8. Jules Verne penned a story that began with a descent into Iceland's
Snaefellsjokull volcano and ended at Italy's Stromboli volcano ; name that

Early TV product pitches were worked into the show itself.
July 1, 1941 marked the date of the first official commercial shown on
television. It was a 10-second advertisement for Cigars.
1. - b
2. the Liver
3. They are all flightless
4. - b
5. - c
6. - d
7. Women weren't allowed on the Stage at that time
8. "Journey to the Center of the Earth"

July 1, 1941 marked the date of the first official commercial shown on
television. It was a 10-second advertisement for Bulova watches on WNBT (now
WNBC) in New York City. Some might say it's all been downhill from there.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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