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Trivia 8/19

trivia 8/19
The first people to harvest chocolate were the Mokaya and other pre-Olmec
peoples who lived in southeast Mexico around 1000 B.C. The word “chocolate”
is derived from the Mayan word xocolatl, or “bitter water.”

1. What is the official birth flower for the month of June?
2. Who Wrote That ??
"Sphere", "Congo", "The Terminal Man" and "Eaters of the Dead"...
3. A cincture, a duty, and an obi are all varieties of which clothing
4. Who Am I ?
I am a Country Music star.
I charted 12 singles on the Billboard country charts, and 7 more after my
death at age 33, from Alcohol poisoning... Who an I ?
a. - Hank Williams
b. - Johnny Horton
c. - Chris LeDoux
d. - Keith Whitley
5. The black grape zinfandel originated in what country ?
a. - Italy
b. - Poland
c. - Croatia
d. - Australia
6. Which Oscar winning actress is the only person to have both their parents
be awarded Academy Awards?
a. - Jamie Lee Curtis
b. - Jane Fonda
c. - Carrie Fisher
d. - Liza Minnelli
7. What are Edamame?
8. In which European country is Krakow?

The post-civil war U.S. Army contained about 180, 000 African-American
1. the Rose
2. Michael Crichton
3. Belts
4. - d
5. - c
6. - d
7. immature soybeans
8. Poland

Although approximately 180,000 African Americans had served in the Union
Army during the Civil War, they were not allowed to be a part of the regular
peacetime Army.
In 1866, however, Congress passed the Army Reorganization Act, a law that
doubled the size of the regular Army, including the addition of six African
American regiments, the first professional black soldiers in the United
States Army. By 1869, these six regiments were consolidated into four units,
the 9th and 10th Cavalry and the 24th and 25th Infantry.

These men came to be known as the Buffalo Soldiers, a name reportedly given
to them by Native Americans for the soldiers’ curly dark hair that resembled
Buffalo fur; though some historic accounts state the name was given as a nod
to the black soldiers’ strong fighting power.

Among the earliest stewards of the nation’s national parks were soldiers
from segregated black regiments. Starting in the 1890s, the Buffalo
Soldiers, who had earned valor fighting in the Indian Wars and
Spanish-American War, added park ranger to their titles and played a
critical role in protecting and building the infrastructure of the country’s
vast public lands.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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