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Trivia 8/2

trivia 8/2
The Selective Service Act of 1917 drafted men ages 21-31 and then later
began to draft ages 18-45.

1. Re; State Quarters; Which of the Fifty has an Astronaut pictured ?
a. – Florida
b. – Ohio
c. – Texas
d. – California
2. What is the name of the Caribbean island that Haiti and the Dominican
Republic share ?
3. Can you name the "Pinhead" of underground comic note?
4. Martha and the Vandellas was one of Motown's most successful acts of the
1960s. What was Martha's surname?
5. John Wayne was born in which of the Fifty ?
a. - Oklahoma
b. - Ohio
c. - Iowa
d. - Wyoming
6. Name Your Poison ;
This drink is made with gin, sour mix, soda water, and a cherry or
orange slice.
7. Name That Tune ;
"You come and go, You come and go. Loving would be easy if your colors were
like my dream, Red, gold and green, Red, gold and green."
8. Name That Novel ;
'"I get to tend the rabbits." I wish you would let me have rabbits, George.
"Go on, George!"'

Wyoming can boast of being the one of the Fifty with the least divorces, the
fewest deer / vehicle collisions, and the most goats.
1. – b
2. Hispaniola
4. Reeves
5. - c
6. Tom Collins
7. Karma Chameleon
8. 'Of Mice and Men"
I made that all up !
But, women first gained many new rights and positions in Wyoming. That is
why one of the names for Wyoming is the equality state.
Wyoming’s first territorial Governor, John A. Campbell, signed a bill on
December 10, 1869 making Wyoming the first state to grant women the right to
Other ‘First’ for women;
First Woman Justice of the Peace
First All Woman Jury
First Woman Bailiff
First woman delegate at a Republican National Convention
First Town in America to Be Governed Entirely by Women
First Woman Governor in the U.S

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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