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Trivia 8/27

trivia 9/27
In the United States, approximately 7% of households are millionaires.

1. Boy Scouts have different stages of Cub Scouts. What does the younger
Girl Scouts program have?
2. There are three "Headquarters" of the European Union, located in three
different cities ; name two of those cities...
3. Which American president signed the NAFTA following approval by Congress?
4. What 'E' word was the very descriptive name of a town in Indiana in a
1990's TV series?
5. Swimmer Michael Phelps took home eight individual gold medals from the
2008 Olympic Games. Whose record did he break as winner of individual gold
at a single Olympics?
6. Which New Jersey summer anthem was famously recorded by Philadelphia
icon, Al Alberts?
( Hint; six words in the Title...)
7. What is the modern name for the country that was called Abyssinia ?
8. Which way is George Washington's head facing on U.S. quarters?

The "TUPAC Curse" is believed to be involved in the deaths of John Candy,
Kinison, Chris Farley and John Belushi .
1. Brownies and Daisies
2. Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg
3. Bill Clinton
4. 'Eerie'
5. Mark Spitz
6. "On the Way to Cape May"
7. Ethiopia
8. Left

CRAP !! !!
It's the "ATUK Curse " !
"ATUK" was a movie script about an overweight Eskimo who dreamed of going to
New York City. The curse of ATUK struck all four of the leading men who had
contact with the script. The first person considered for the role was comedy
actor John Belushi. While preparing for the role he was found dead from an
overdose of cocaine and heroin. The next man considered for the part was
comedian Sam Kinison who died in a terrible car crash after he received the
script to read. Next came actor John Candy, who died of a heart attack while
he had the script in his hands. Rumors were starting about the curse of
ATUK. This did not deter actor Chris Farley who received the script to study
and died shortly afterward from an overdose of morphine and cocaine. Chris
Farley had also shared the script with his friend Phil Hartman who then died
in a murder-suicide committed by his wife. The script was locked in an
unknown Hollywood vault and no plans are in place to ever produce it.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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