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Trivia 8/5

trivia 8/5
In January, 1930, Michael Sclafoni was led to the Electric Chair in
Sing-Sing Prison.... He ran his hand over the arm of the chair and exclaimed,
"DUST ! " He requested and was given a rag, with which he proceeded to dust
off the chair: He then sat down to await his fate.

1. On July 15, 2006, Twitter came to life. For the first six months of being
a social media site, how was Twitter written?
a. - T.W.I.T.T.E.R.
b. - Twiter
c. - Twtr
d. - Twttr
2. What unique achievement did Shohei Ohtani earn at the MLB 2021 All-Star
a. - He was the first Korean All Star.
b. - He played all four infield positions.
c. - He was the starting pitcher and DH.
d. - He was the first to bunt in all three plate appearances
3. Which of the Fifty calls itself "The Magnolia State" ?
4. Jesus walked on the water. But on what body of water ??
5. The film "Toy Story" contained a toy dinosaur. What was his name?
6. Rome sits on what river ?
7. Which country had two dictators known as Papa Doc and Baby Doc?
8. What do you call a baby turkey?

The term, “Red Herring” originated around the sport of Fox Hunting.

1. - d
2. - c
3. Mississippi
4. Sea of Galilee
5. Rex
6. Tiber
7. Haiti
8. a Poult

Anti-hunting alliances (yes there were a few of those even that far back in
history) and also foxhound trainers would pull a smelly dried smoked herring
across the dogs' anticipated track to throw it off of the scent of the fox.
This was to disrupt the hunt and hopefully to spare the life of said
fox. During training exercises the red herring was used to increase the
foxhound's ability to find its prey under adverse conditions. Fox meat is
edible, although very tough, but the English aristocracy hunted them for
sport, not for food.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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