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Trivia 9/11

trivia 9/11
The average human produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in a lifetime, enough to fill two swimming pools.

1. What rank was Glenn Miller when he was lost over the English Channel
during WWII?
a. - Lieutenant
b. - Colonel
c. - Major
d. - Lieutenant-General
2. What was the first disease effectively prevented/treated with a vaccine?
3. What was the name of Hopalong Cassidy's horse ?
4. What is the name for the group of maidens that rode over the battlefields
and chose which of the slain warriors would enter Valhalla?
5. What was the actor's name who played the girl boxer in "Million Dollar
6. There was a 1976 television movie based on the murders committed by the
Charles Manson family. What was the name of the movie, and the book it was
based on ?
7. Which old-time radio show starred Eve Arden as a high school English
(Three Words...)
8. Digimon is a popular anime and trading card game. What is Digimon short

During the World's Fair of 1893 a serial killer was at work, using the draw
of the Fair to ensnare his victims.
1. - c
2. Smallpox
3. Topper
4. Valkyries
5. Hillary Swank
6. 'Helter Skelter
7. 'Our Miss Brooks'
8. Digital Monsters

Herman Webster Mudgett (May 16, 1861 – May 7, 1896), better known as Dr.
Henry Howard Holmes or more commonly known as H. H. Holmes, was an American
serial killer, though the term did not yet exist .

While he confessed to 27 murders, only nine could be plausibly confirmed and
several of the people whom he claimed to have murdered were still alive. He
is commonly said to have killed as many as 200, though this figure is only
traceable to 1940s pulp magazines. Many victims were said to have been
killed in a mixed-use building which he owned, located about 3 miles (5 km)
west of the 1893 World's Fair: Columbian Exposition, supposedly called the
World's Fair Hotel, though evidence suggests that the hotel portion was
never truly open for business.

Besides being a serial killer, Holmes was also a con artist and a bigamist,
the subject of more than 50 lawsuits in Chicago alone. Many now-common
stories of his crimes sprang from fictional accounts that later authors took
for fact; however, in a 2017 biography, Adam Selzer wrote that Holmes' story
is "effectively a new American tall tale – and, like all the best tall
tales, it sprang from a kernel of truth".

H. H. Holmes was executed on May 7, 1896, nine days before his 35th
birthday, for the murder of his friend and accomplice Benjamin Pitezel.
During his trial for the murder of Pitezel, Holmes confessed to numerous
other killings.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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