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Trivia 9/16

trivia 9/16
While traditional bullying has been linked to higher rates of suicide
ideation and attempts, the rates from cyber bullying are much higher.

1. My friend suffers from logorrhea. What is his problem?
(Hint; The Coaster sang about it ...)
2. There are four kinds of triad chords (chords made up of three notes).
There is major, minor, diminished, and.... what ?
3. Which colony in what would become the U.S. was founded as a haven for
a. - Maryland
b. - Delaware
c. - Georgia
d. - Rhode Island
4. When it was created in 1931, what useful product was known as 'Polymer
a. - Nylon
b. - Rayon
c. - Orlon
d. - Dacron
5. The dinosaurs first began to dominate in what period?
6. The ancient Egyptians have left us many beautiful wooden objects. One
wood they prized was cedar. From what modern-day country did they obtain it?
7. Which of these people has never been the host of the TV show "Wheel of
a. - Rolf Benirschke
b. - Chuck Woolery
c. - Bill Cullen
d. - Alex Trebek
8. Name the Rock Group who had a big hit with "Barracuda"...

After the fall of Rome (c.476 AD ), Europe entered the Dark Ages, which
lasted till around AD 1000. Huge amounts of knowledge were lost, culture and
art declined and people regressed back to earlier, crude forms of living.
1. The constant need to talk / using an overabundance of words ("Yakety
2. Augmented
3. - a
4. - a
6. Lebanon
7. - c
8. Heart

It's a myth!
Whilst it may be true that changes occurred at this time, it's
a bit unfair to call them "dark". It was during this time that (often based
on the foregoing Roman precedents) economies were developed, legal codes
were instigated, systems of government developed and even concepts such as
algebra were discovered.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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