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Trivia 9/21

trivia 9/21
The Born Free Foundation estimates that 30%–50% of Africa’s lion population
has been illegally killed over the last 20 years. Just 32,000 of these
animals remain in the wild. Provided

1. Remember the song duo, Hall & Oates" ??
First names , please ...
2. What is a hackamore?
a. - a Garden Tool
b. - a Carriage for Hire
c. - a Horse's Halter
d. - a Kitchen Tool
3. If you participated in the activity featured in the film "They Shoot
Horses, Don't They?" what would you be doing?
4. In the movie "It's a Wonderful Life", what physical infirmity did the
hero, George Bailey, suffer from?
a. - walks with a limp
b. - Cleft Palate
c. - Blind in one eye
d. - Deaf in one ear
5. What is the main ingredient in the German dish, hasenpfeffer?
a. - Rabbit
b. - Squirrel
c. - Pheasant
d. - Venison
6. What country first settled at the site of modern New York City ?
7. Julie Andrews and Robert Preston and James Garner worked together in
"Victor, Victoria". Which statement is true (as to their characters in the
a. - Andrews is gay, but Preston and Garner are not
b. - Preston is gay, but Andrews and Garner are not
c. - Garner is gay, but Preston and Andrews are not
d. - All three are gay
8. The term, "Newton" is associated with ....
a. - Pressure
b. - Mass
c. Force
d. - Power

I the USA, over 40,000 people visit hospital ER's as the result of a washing
machine injury .
1. Daryl and John
2. - c
3. Dancing in a Dance Marathon
4. - d
5. - a
6. the Dutch
7. - b
8. - c

But, over 40,000 people experience a toilet-related injury each year !
Risky business, Huh ?

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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