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Trivia 9/22

trivia 9/22
The modern UFO era began in 1947 when pilot Kenneth Arnold reported seeing
nine disc-shaped objects flying over Mt. Rainer, Washington. A reporter
labeled them "flying saucers," and the term entered mainstream

1. What battle formation were the Spartans renowned for?
(Hint; begins with ‘P’)
2. Name That Flick ...
2000 movie with Richard Gere and Mary Beth Hurt, about an older man falling
in love with a dying, younger woman...
3. To settle a debt is often described as "weighing in" with the goods or
money owed. This phrase comes from the world of sport, but which sport in
4. What are the winds that occur on the eastern slopes of the Rockies
5. There are three locations of 'Cleopatra's needles'. One is in London, one
in New York City. The other is in...
a. - Paris
b. - Cairo
c. - Istanbul
d. - There are only two Needles.
6. According to the children's nursery rhyme, how long did Solomon Grundy
7. The Hall & Oates song, ‘She’s a Maniac’, comes off what movie soundtrack ?
8.Whose rule was the Spanish Armada launched to overthrow?
a. - Elizabeth I
b. - Mary I
c. - Henry VIII
d. - Oliver Cromwell

The Netherlands' crime rate is so high, it built fourteen new jails in each
of the last three years.

1. the Phalanx
2. Autumn In New York
3. Horse Racing
4. Chinook
5. - a
6. Six Days
7. ‘Flashdance’
8. - a

The Netherlands ' crime rate is so low, it imports criminals to fill jails.
The Netherlands has enjoyed a steady drop in crime since 2004, and has
become so safe that it has closed down one prison after another-19 prisons
shut down in 2014 alone. To help mitigate the job losses that this has
created, the Country has taken to importing prisoners from other countries,
such as bringing in 240 prisoners from Norway in 2015.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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