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Trivia 9/23

trivia 9/23
Some of the earliest hominid populations lived in Ethiopia. The region is
possibly where Homo erectus evolved and left Africa to populate Eurasia over
1.8 million years ago.

1. In the 1991 movie release "Thelma & Louise", Susan Sarandon is Louise;
which actress plays Thelma?
2. Who sang "Video Killed The Radio Star"?
a. - The Wiggles
b. - The Buggles
c. - The Giggles
d. - The Tuggles
3. What kind of food is Vla, and where on earth might you most likely be
confronted with it?
a. - Pie, Scotland
b. - Fish, Belgium
c. - Pudding, Netherlands
d. - Pastry, Russia
4. If I suffer from hyperhidrosis, what is my problem ?
a. - Stuttering
b. - Bed-wetting
c. - can't sit still / Fidgeting
d. - Sweating
5. What sort of being was the giant Polyphemus of Greek legend?
6. What charismatic actor, producer, screenwriter and director played the part of Natalie Wood's boyfriend in "Splendor In the Grass" (1961 ?
7. First Lady of the Philippines , Imelda Marcos, survived an assassination
attempt in 1972... What what the assassin's method of choice ?
a. - Pistol
b. - Knife
c. - Bomb
d. - I call BS ! There was no such attempt
8. Which of these foods is highest in Omega-3 fatty acids?
a. - Chilean Sea Bass
b. - Lobster
c. - Salmon
d. - Flounder

People can suffer from a psychological disorder called
Boanthropy that makes them believe that they are a cow !
1. Geena Davis
2. - b
3. - c
4. - d
5. a Cyclops
6. Warren Beatty
7. - b
8. - c

Boanthropy is a psychological disorder in which humans believe themselves to be a bovine.
The most famous sufferer of this disorder was Nebuchadnezzar II, who in the
Book of Daniel "was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen".
Boanthropy 'still occurs today when persons, in a delusional state,
believe themselves to be an ox or cow...and attempts to live and behave accordingly'.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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