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Trivia 9/24

trivia 9/24
The Earth’s plates move just a few inches a year—about as fast as a person’s
fingernails grow. This continental pattern predicts that 250 million years
from now, a new supercontinent will be born.

1. Fill in the Blanks;
Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon surveyed the line which lies on 39-43-26
North latitude, originally to separate ________ and ____________ .
2. Which actress was born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler?
a. - Eva Gabor
b. - Eve Arden
c. - Hedy Lamarr
d. - Mary Pickford
3. What sort of critter is a gourami?
a. - Bird
b. - Fish
c. - Insect
d. - Reptile
4. What was the name of Forrest Gump's love interest ?
5. Do you recall the town from which our 39th POTUS came ?
6. "Who can take a rainbow, wrap it in a sigh
Soak it in the sun and make a groovy lemon pie?
7. Strange Words are These; NAPERY...
a. - Birdcage
b. - Table Linen
c. - Neither
d. - Both
8. Who did Penny Singleton play in a series of 28 movies?
(Bonus; She was President of what Union ? )
In 2015, according to the East Oregonian Newspaper, the Boston Red Sox
became the first MLB team to debut a fully Amphibious pitcher.

1. Maryland and Pennsylvania
2. - c
3. - b
4. Jenny
5. Plains, Ga.
6. 'The Candyman'
7. - b
8. 'Blondie'
(American Guild of Variety Artists – AGVA )

This was reported as fact by the East Oregonian, which experienced some
confusion about amphibious vs. Ambidextrous....
In 2015, Pat Venditte became the first fully ambidextrous pitcher in the
major leagues A natural right-hander, Venditte threw with both arms since
he was a child, and his father, a baseball fanatic, encouraged it, even
building a baseball field in his backyard, complete with artificial turf and
lights, to be able to practice with his son every day.
Four 19th-century pitchers are known to have thrown with both hands: Tony
Mullane in 1882 and in 1893, Elton Chamberlain in 1888, Larry Corcoran in
1884, and George Wheeler.

Negro league switch-pitcher Larry Kimbrough was a natural left-hander, but
learned to throw right-handed as a child while recuperating from an injury.

Greg A. Harris was one of few major league pitchers in the modern era to
pitch with both his left and his right arm, though he only did so in a
single Major League game.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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