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Trivia 9/25

trivia 9/25
In 1890, the United States Board on Geographic Names declared that all city
names ending in 'burgh' should drop the final 'h.' But in 1911, after
protests from citizens, the board said Pittsburgh, Pa., could keep the extra

1. The fictional bird species "mockingjay" is the title of the third novel
in which trilogy?
2. Which of the 12 is National Ice Cream Month ?
3. What are the two main ingredients of the liqueur Malibu?
4. On what TV sitcom would I find a character named Marcy Darcy ?
5. Spelling Bee ;
In the armed forces you could get to be a colonel, admiral, or L_______,
among other ranks.
6. Daniel Boone was famous for his explorations of Kentucky, but where was
he born?
a. - Ohio
b. - Maryland
c. - Pennsylvania
d. - Virginia
7. Which four nations conducted the Nuremberg trials?
8. What does EPCOT stand for?

There's a Restaurant in Paris, "O'Naturel", which requires diners to check
everything, and I mean "Everything" they're wearing, at the door.
1. 'The Hunger Games'
2. July
3. Rum & Coconut
4. 'Married, With Children'
5. Lieutenant
6. - c
7. U.S, Britain, France, U.S.S.R
8. Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

Some restaurants will ask you to leave if you're not dressed appropriately,
but a new eatery in Paris will refuse to serve you if you're wearing
The restaurant, appropriately named O'naturel, is located in the heart of
the Parisian naturist pole and is the city's first-ever nude restaurant.
Guests are required to leave their clothes at the door and are asked to
leave if they're not willing to bare all for dinner.
The restaurant boasts the nudist lifestyle and describes the experience as
"complete freedom."

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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