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Trivia 9/27

trivia 9/27
Sugar and cocoa are often added to cigarettes, a fact many diabetic smokers
are unaware of.

1. The '70s comedy "Laverne & Shirley" started in one city and later moved
to another. What were the cities ??
2. Pardon the Pun dept, ;
Which branch of mathematics is of particular interest to dentists?
3. Which of the Baltic States has the largest territory?
a. - Estonia
b. - Lithuania
c. - Latvia
d. - They are all about the same size
4. Strange Words are These ; permutable
a. - Ability to change sequence
b. - Ability to change color
c. - Ability to change size
d. - Ability to change shape
5. Who are the only two POTUS’s to share their names
with a car brand?
6. Harley-Davidson was founded in what city ?
a. - York, Pa.
b. - Milwaukee, Wisc.
c. - Paris, Tenn.
d. - Detroit, Mich.
7. The Gregorian calendar came into effect in 1582 in order to correct which
previous calendar that had been in place for centuries?
8. The Cherokee are one of what are known as the Five Civilized Tribes. The
Creek are another. Which of these four is NOT one of the Five Civilized
a. - Chickasaw
b. - Comanche
c. - Choctaw
d. - Seminole

A Printer company has developed a printer to print Post-It Notes from notes
you write on your Smart Phone.
1. Milwaukee, then Los Angeles
2. Calculus
3. - b
4. - a
5. Abraham Lincoln and Gerald Ford
6. - b
7. Julian calendar
8. - b

......... Or, you could save the $120 cost of the printer and just write
directly onto the Post-It....

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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