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Trivia 9/27

trivia 9/27
When the Brooklyn Bridge was opened in 1883, rumors led to it being
considered unsafe, P.T. Barnum led Jumbo and another 21 elephants on a march
across the bridge to disprove these rumors.

1. Kangaroos can only be found in two countries ; which two?
2. What is another name for a pollywog, also written as polliwog ?
3. Which of these dinosaurs was a meat eater?
a. - Allosaurus
b. - Diplodocus
c. - Stegosaurus
d. Ankylosaurus
4. The air we breathe - is it an element, compound or mixture?
5. Who Am I ?
On August 9, 1936, I became the first man to win four gold medals at the
6. The black rhinoceros, or 'hook-lipped rhinoceros,' is found on which
a. - Asia
b. - Africa
c. - Both
d. - Neither
7. Which of the following martial arts involves the use of weapons?
a. - Kendo
b. - Aikido
c. - Sumo
d. - Taekwondo
Fill in the Blanks ;8.
Vivian Leigh won the Best Actress Academy Award twice, once for the movie
role of S________ O_____, and once for the movie role of B _______D ______

During the Middle Ages, common criminals were put in the dungeons, while
Political prisoners were quartered in towers.
1. Australia & New Guinea
2. Tadpole
3. - a
4. Mixture
5. I am Jesse Owens
6. - b
7. - a
8. Scarlett O'Hara / Blanche DuBois

During much of the Middle Ages, medieval dungeons held political prisoners,
rivals to the king or a lord, generally to die. Not so for common criminals,
generally, who were publicly punished. They might be locked in stocks, for
example, which were low wooden frames with holes into which prisoners put
their feet. Or they might have their heads in arms locked in pillories
(similar to stocks), or they might be flogged. If a common criminal were
kept in a medieval dungeon, or any other sort of prison, it would normally
be for a fairly short period, until his trial. The idea of political
prisoners developed in the High Middle Ages (roughly the 11th through 13th
centuries) more so than the Early Middle Ages (5th-10th centuries).
Sometimes they were confined because they were a threat to nobility or
royalty, and sometimes they were ransomed. Additionally, women might be sent
to convents rather than be confined at the castle.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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