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Trivia 9/30

trivia 9/30
The most ancient living things on Earth are believed to be single-cell
prokaryotes, more commonly known as bacteria. Scientists have discovered
fossils of such prokaryotes from roughly 3.5 billion years ago.

1. Name the four colors from the memory game, 'Simon' ...
2. In honor of our Founding Fathers, how tall, in feet, is the Freedom Tower
at One World Trade Center ?
3. What month saw the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival ?
4. What are the first seven words in the Declaration of Independence ?
5. What year saw the death of Shirley Temple Black ?
a. - 2010
b. - 2012
c. - 2014
d. - 2018
6. Which of these Country Singers has the most Platinum Albums ?
a. - Willie Nelson
b. - George Strait
c. - Garth Brooks
d. - Kenny Rogers
7. What was the first Animated film to be nominated for a "Best Picture"
Oscar ?
a. - 'Sleeping Beauty'
b. - 'Fantasia'
c. - 'Toy Story'
d. - 'Beauty and the Beast'
8. Can you recall the first names of the four members of "The Mama's &
Papa's" vocal group ?

The world's first ocean-going ironclad warship was launched by France .
1.Blue, Green, Red & Yellow
2. 1,776 feet
3. August
4. "When, in the course of Human Events..."
5. - c
6. - b
7. - d
8. John, Denny, Cass & Michelle

It was in 1859 when France launched La Gloire, the world's first ocean-going
wooden-hulled ironclad warship. Being capable of resisting shots from
68-pounder gun, it made the unarmored ships of other countries obsolete. At
the time, France wasn't capable of producing sufficient iron so its hull was
made of wood sheathed with iron plates. As the wood deteriorates over time,
La Gloire was soon rendered obsolete when Great Britain launched the world's
first iron-hulled ironclad warship HMS Warrior.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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