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Trivia 9/8

trivia 9/8
One Tall Oak tree produces enough oxygen in one day to supply one human with
enough to last one year .

1. What is the 'study of the nature of the divine' called?
2. Which of the Fifty was the site of a 1980 volcanic eruption?
3. What famous Literary Captain was named after a Latin word meaning "no
one" ?
4. Vinson Massif is the highest point on which continent ?
5. If I dream of looking a lot like "Barbarella" I might buy a best-selling
fitness program ; but which one ?
6. What celebrity was arrested in 2001 for shoplifting at the Saks Fifth
Avenue in Beverly Hills?
a. - Paris Hilton
b. - Christina Ricci
c. - Winona Ryder
d. - Kate Hudson
7. Which country borders on the small country Liechtenstein?
a. - Sweden
b. - Switzerland
c. - Both
d. - Neither
8. Which Charles Dickens novel was largely autobiographical ?
a. - Oliver Twist
b. - David Copperfield
c. - Bleak house
d. - Great Expectations

The “Eternal Flame” at the grave of John F. Kennedy has gone out twice since
1. Theology
2. Washington
3. Captain Nemo
4. Antarctica
5. Jane Fonda's Workout
6. - c
7. - b
8. - b

First, there was the holy water incident. On December 10, 1963, a group of
Catholic schoolchildren were visiting Kennedy’s memorial at Arlington
National Cemetery. The gravesite was temporary, a place for the public to
grieve while the permanent memorial was being constructed. Even so, the
eternal flame was already in place, lit by Jackie Kennedy on the day of the
funeral. The children managed to extinguish the flame less than a month
later, while blessing it with holy water. Luckily, one of the grave guards
happened to be a smoker, and he used his cigarette lighter to reignite the
Kennedy was moved to his final resting place, not far from the temporary
spot, on March 14, 1967. Later that year, inclement weather caused the flame
to go out for a second time. The flame is built to withstand rain and
wind—there is what the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
refers to as a “constantly flashing electric spark near the tip of the
nozzle." Because of this, if the flame is extinguished, it’s reignited
almost instantly. But that August, heavy rains not only extinguished the
flame, but also flooded a nearby transformer. The faulty transformer
prevented the spark igniter from firing, so the flame remained out until
officials could light it again when the rain stopped.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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