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Ttrivia 4/18

trivia 4/18
The largest U.S. bill ever in circulation was the $10,000 bill, which was
issued until 1945. As of May 30, 2009, only 336 of these large bills have
been known to survive. Salmon P. Chase is depicted on the bill.

1. How many Presidents of the United States have surnames beginning with C?
a. - 3
b. - 4
c. - 5
d. - 6
(Bonus; Name them...)
2. Calypso is a moon of which planet?
3. What is the pungent spice made from seeds of a plant in the ginger
(Hint; Begins with "C")
4. What year saw the very first Chevrolet Camaro hit the streets ?
a. - 1964
b. - 1965
c. - 1966
d. - 1967
5. Who was the last U.S. President to be in office during the admission of a
State ?
6. The varieties of Heinz minus the Answer to Life, the Universe and
Everything is the first scoring point in what sport?
a. - Tennis
b. - American Football
c. - Rugby
d. - Cricket
7. With which sport is the term "Sixte" associated?
8. On which scale would you find absolute zero?
a. - Fahrenheit
b. - Celsius
c. - Kelvin
d. - None of these

Historians say that the earliest form of money were cattle.
1. - b
(Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Grover Cleveland and Calvin Coolidge )
2. Saturn
3. Cardamom
4. - d
5. Eisenhower
6. - A
7. Fencing
8. - c
Cattle (which include sheep, camels, and other livestock) are the first and
oldest form of money. Each head of cattle was called a caput, which is Latin
for "head." So, a person with a lot of cattle had lots of caput or
"capital," a word still used today to describe money.
Throughout history, people have used many forms of money, such as soap,
cocoa beans, elephant tail hairs, entire elephants, grain, animal skins,
fishhooks, feathers, tea tobacco, bird claws, and bear teeth.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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