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Mario Batalli shares a Bellini recipe on occasion, I'll have to try it.

I know this thread is pushing 4 years old but I ran across it looking for fresh peach ideas.


Seems like boiling then simmering the mixture would cook out most of the alcohol, so it probably wouldn’t be bad for older children. Do you feel any effect from the alcohol when you eat this soup?

I think if I tried this I would cook everything but the sparkling wine and add the wine after cooling the mixture so as to enjoy the alcohol!


Fruit soup apparently has been an acceptable culinary term for a long time. A compote, best I can tell, is typically much thicker than a soup. More like a syrup or a dessert topping…so describing as a fruit “stew” or “Jam” or even “gravy” or “sauce” would probably be a better parallel term. Soup typically has more liquid than a stew and that spot right in-between is called “stoop” in my world…probably not a technical culinary term. Maybe a compote could be a “stoop”.

From Wikipedia:
“Fruit soups are prepared using fruit as a primary ingredient, and may be served warm or cold depending on the recipe. Many varieties of fruit soups exist, and they may be prepared based upon the availability of seasonal fruit.”

Etrog is a Jewish Fruit Soup, Chè is a Vietnamese example of fruit soup, ginataan is a Filipino dessert soup that has fruit, and Sawine is a Muslim festival soup that employs fruit (Trinidad and Tobago).

I feel for ya not liking cold tomato soup. I love it…in the sense that I love a bloody Mary and I love V8 and tomato juice. I have actually poured me a cold mug of my own homemade tomato soup and drank it like a beverage. In the hot summer months I find it refreshing and obviously quite healthy…I do the same with gazpacho, I’ll have it in a mug at my desk like coffee. I can drink bloody Mary mix right from the bottle…but don’t let anyone see me doing it.

To each their own though. A lot of people have mental or taste blocks on certain foods in certain formats. I for one do not like fruits or nuts in a savory salad or raisins or currants or any other fruit in a chicken salad sandwich; sure I can eat it…just don’t prefer it.

The combinations you can find all over the world are bizarre by American standards.

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