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Originally Posted by GB View Post
Breezy, the way I took Selkies post was that she was implying that this is a rule for her. She said "I would have some crusty bread with it, but I'd avoid cheese". She was not saying that this is anything other than her opinion.
Boy, this must be my day to disagree - lol!! Must be the dreary weather here today.

Sorry, GB - but to me a comment like "cheese and seafood don't mix. Cheese makes seafood taste sour. Some rules are meant to be broken... this isn't one of them! " isn't an opinion. It's a dictate. Now if one said "I think" cheese makes seafood taste sour" - THAT'S an opinion & I wouldn't touch it.

We'll just have to "agree to disagree" on this call GB. I'm not trying to be argumentative, but in my opinion, cheese & seafood frequently DO mix because this sort of thing definitely falls under "personal taste". There's no "rule". No "Cheese & Seafood Police" - lol! Stating something like "Cheese makes seafood taste sour" can more than easily stop someone from trying it when they might actually like it.

This is why I'll always disagree with these types of definitive comments. And I think I'm being very respectful about it in this case.
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You need to read into the words Breezy. The whole sentence says more than just the individual words themselves. She had already said "I" and "I'd". It is reasonable to assume that she was continuing that thought when she said cheese makes seafood taste sour etc. She had already indicated twice she was talking about her own personal experience. There is no need to say it in every sentence for the thought to follow through. Yes, we can agree to disagree on this one Breezy and thank you for being respectful. It is appreciated and noted.
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i served my homemade creamy clam chowder with my stuffed mushrooms. it was a hit.
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