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Assistant Cook
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Location: I am currently in North Hollywood, CA although I am in Pasadena, CA much much more
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Exclamation Just Your Typical Average L.A. Cali Girl Here

If I read the title for a new thread and saw, "Just Your Typical Average L.A. Cali Girl Here." I would probably stop to myself and think something to this effect...who is she trying to fool/lie to. Cause come on seriously people when do you remember or have you never heard of a So. Cal. girl let alone a Los Angeles girl being described as TYPICAL and AVERAGE...I mean come on what does that mean exactly...well if you want to know more read on...and I will tell you, leaving you to be the judge of course....

Hello Hello everyone, yeah you read it right I am the newbie here on the boards and I attempting to introduce myself and let you in on the inner stylings of ME...ok let's see...

My name is Amanda or Mandy for short.
I am 22 years old (Libra Oct. 17th).
I have lived in SoCal my whole life and am currently residing in No. Ho. (North Hollywood).
I just started College in October after taking 4 years off learning a whole lot of f'd up things about those people you consider your friends and family, which I would probably do ALL over again if I could/had to.

I go to school in Pasadena at a place called California School Of Culinary Arts, where I am studying to get my A.O.S. (Associates Degree in Occupational Services) and my Culinary Arts Diploma from the worldly know bleu ribbon logo Le Cordon Bleu. Someday I hope to pay off my loans, while being a awesome chef and going back to school to get my B.A. and eventually open my own restaurant....(Keep The Dream Alive)

I am not married, I don't have any kids, I don't live at home, and I don't even have a boyfriend right now. I am SOOOO busy with work and school that rarely do I ever have free time to just STOP EVERYTHING and relax....

Profession/job wise currently I am stuck in a dead end job.Yeah ok so I dont have a car...how many broke college students do you know of that dont get help from Mommy or Daddy have a descent car that wont fall apart...

I get home, I sleep for 4 to 5 hours, go to work from 12 to 6am, minus which days I missed. Typically I will do homework or get my things ready for school when I get off work at 6am, cause of our deserts till about 8:30am, I shower, I dry off, Get Dressed and somehow ALWAYS manage to leave 10 minutes late making me late as well...

Ok that is the end of my show and babbling about myself and my lfe, I have been up all night working, so if I offended anyone in anyway I want to apoloize to you and let you know that...I look forward to spending a lot of time with you all at some point or another here on the boards and what not...

fELLOW Member Take A Guess...I Love Reading Other People's Work....



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Welcome to the boards! My situation is close to yours, 21 and trying to make my way up in the culinary world. Of course, right now I'm a senior at IU, too bad it took me 4 years of college to figure out that what I really want to do is be a chef! So I'm finishing my degree, going to keeping working the line at the restaurant I'm at now, and save up some money to head to culinary school in a couple of years.

As for the boards, you couldn't have chosen a better on to join! There are tons of people here, and they know a lot about a lot of things. I don't believe I've ever seen a question go unanswered here.

Good luck making your way in Cali, and again, welcome to the boards!
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Assistant Cook
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: I am currently in North Hollywood, CA although I am in Pasadena, CA much much more
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Don't you find it weird that you don't realize what it is you really truely want to do with and in your life until you have done just about every possible thing you didn't want to or shouldn't have or wasn't supposed to do?

Like for example, I have a friend who has an A.A. in business and a few other courses in Computers. Now all of a sudden he quit school, quit his job working for this small video game company out in Burbank (a job he ALWAYS wanted in High School), to work at Costco stocking shelves and that for 48 hours a week becuase he tells me that he finds both business and computers boring now (yet again 2 more things he ALWAYS wanted in High School). The plan is to take some time off and figure out the "big plan". I asked him why he took those classes or even went to school if he didn't know what he wanted to do and he was all like well my Dad just left my Mom. It had only been 2 months since his Mom had some kind of serious head surgery done, went through the tests, treatment, and rehab...she needed his help and yet to be there he had to be in school. So, he stayed and is still paying off his small college dues cause he went to a community college (not that there is anything wrong with that). What a waste of time and money, I mean that is 3 1/2 years of your time and your life you will never get back. (Even if it was for a good cause).

For that reason and that reason alone I will never pressure my kids, if and when I have some, to go to college cause it will be good for them or that such and such profession will bring you big banks....

No one wants a job, but everyone wants a career. To get there you have to find something you LOVE to do in your everyday normal life or something you LOVE to do as much as you can even. Then take that skill, talent, technique, and/or knowledge and find the job that will allow you to do that/use that. Which will give you a career out in the workforce doing a job that you love...I am glad that I was able to see something that no one else saw when I was 17 years old because no matter how hard, rough, sad, or heartbreaking my 4 year detour was....

Right now I know where I stand and who I want to be...

Things would be great right now if I could just find, create, make, or at least focus on designing a diagram or chart that classifies all the different types of seafood....

Got Any Ideas?????

Thanks for the warm Welcoming, I am sure we will speak again

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Hi Mandy and welcome to DC. I live in the San Fernando Valley between North Hollywood and Studio City. It is a little area called Valley Village.

You will enjoy DC very much and all your questions will be answered by our wonderful members who are great chefs and the best.

Jill and Jolie
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Old 11-26-2006, 04:32 PM   #5
Assistant Cook
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: I am currently in North Hollywood, CA although I am in Pasadena, CA much much more
Posts: 3
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Hello Jill and Jolie thank you thank you. I do appriciate all the, well most of all the warm welcomings that I seem to be getting. But hopefully things will just get better from here....

I know Valley Village, my ex's Mom used to live out there and recently moved back to FL...it is a very quaint and quiet area. It looks like a really nice area.

The one thing I find funny about Valley Village is that if you drive towards Burbank going through there, you will hit a little mini-mart liquor store type thing surrounded by a bunch of houses and apartments.

I still think it is odd cause hey I am sure the nearest one out of the village there isnt like 100's of miles away and there is some freak snow storm going on to stop you from leaving town....

On the other hand I am sure that it is really convinient for you (if you live in that direction) or anyone who lives out that way for that matter.

I wonder if I could get that odd feeling of being the only one left alive on earth or something odd like that if it was really quiet and no one was around....

Ok, that was an odd post, I should be thinking about starting my creative writing English homwork instead cause I am seriously becoming biased about Seafood and there diifferent varieties.

Thanks again for the warm welcoming and I am sure this board will be everything I expect it to be...

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