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Hello>>>>> My husband and I moved out to the country a few years ago. We have a beautiful home on a lake. I am having trouble just cooking for two. I come from a big family and our children are all gone now. I need to learn how to cook healthier and just for two. Hope you can all help in that department. Thanks.


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I have a few suggestions. Get yourself a grill pan. It's easy to marinade or season chicken breasts and serve with some sort of salsa or slice and top on a salad, make an interesting sandwich etc. Also experiment with different marinades, rubs and seasoning mixes (Penzeys has great seasoning mixes if you don't want to make your own) and bake as much pork chops, chicken pieces etc as you need. Alot of things freeze well, eat 1/2 and freeze half for a later date. I always have some homemade italian meat sauce, marinara, and turkey meatballs in the freezer, along with a selection of soups, cooked shredded meats, etc. With just two of you it's a great time to experiment with sides - different grains and veggies.

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hola needy.

we'll need more info.

what do you like to eat? what are you looking to try to make?

give us a lead, and we'll take it from there.
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A nice fish is always a good idea...make some lemon rice and a vegatable of choice...or herbed potatoes...very easy to "budget" side dishes with a good fish or cut of meat, chicken, lamb etc. Or, one thing that I absolutely love is to make a meal for two of simple antipasti. Cut up some peppers, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms and roast in the oven, drizzle with herbed olive oil and serve with different cheeses and some stuffed wine leaves. A crunchy salad with vinagraitte goes well with some white wine and french bread.
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Hi, needhelp. I know just what you mean. Buck and I raised 5 children, so when it came down to just the 2 of us, I was seriously challenged. It's taken a while but I've pretty well licked the problem.

I take recipes that serve 8 and cut them in half. We have a nice meal and some left for a good lunch. If there's more than needed for lunch, I freeze the leftovers. They come in very handy for times like tonight. We had a late, large lunch out and aren't too hungry. I'll defrost one of our frozen meals and serve that for our meal.

I also buy chicken leg quarters in bulk and freeze them individually, which makes it easy to take out as many or few as I need for a recipe. I like to buy boneless pork roast and cut it into chops and a small roast. The chops are frozen individually like the chicken.

Another thing I do is to stew a whole chicken to make stock and to use the cut up chicken in enchiladas, pot pies and dishes that call for cooked chicken. I always have a bag of cooked chicken in the freezer. Even in the summertime, it's good for a quick chicken salad.

There's more I'm sure I'm forgetting, but it's what's come to mind right now.

By the way, welcome to DC. This is a wonderful place.
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Welcome to the site.
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When I was 15, my brother left home and my dad died within a couple of months of each other, so mum was in a similar situation. It took her a while to adjust, and there was the phase where extra just got put on my plate (that got stopped as soon as I realised what was going on). We also had the situation where leftovers just would go off in the fridge as both mum and I were used to dad or my brother eating them, so we had never touched them. In the end, mum went for much more simple dishes and chose better cuts of meat for a steak. We also got out the cook books and tried out things that appealed but weren't suitable for family cooking. We had fondues, salads, home made pates, and quite a few stirfries.

Now I live alone, I make big pots of my favourite soups, bolognaise sauce, and savoury mince and freeze into smaller portions. With the mince and the sauce, I can then use them as they are over toast or pasta or as part of a Mexican meal, or even over a baked potato in its jacket. A roast is super simple but instead of using a leg of lamb, etc, I use steaks and chops as the roast. Portion control is much easier. When I buy raw meat, I also freeze it in individual portions. I have a lot of seafood in my diet as well which is easy to prepare, very quick to cook and can be served with rice or a salad for a hearty meal. If I am entertaining, I might get fancy (ish!) and perhaps wrap a veal steak or thin chicken breast around some asparagus, which in turn would have proscuittio around it. Or top a steak with some blue cheese after the initial turn, so it is just melting when served.

Cooking in small amounts allows you to get a bit more playful in your cooking without necessarily spending a lot of time doing it. And of course, if something doesn't work out that well, you aren't eating for the next month!!
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Hello and welcome. Perhaps you could pose your question in the general questions area, or the healthy diets area.

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