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Question Daughter Sauces

I know what the five "mother sauces" are, but I want to know what the names and the preparation of some of the sauces that are made from the mother sauces by adding or changing some ingredients? Any help here?

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Wow, where to begin? This thread could probably reach 100 pages with all the permutations of mother sauces that we could come up with.

I'd say if you want to learn some of the really classic sauces to pick yourself up a copy of Escoffier's book, Le Guide Culinaire (A Guide to Modern Cookery). This book could be considered the Bible of French cuisine. All of the classics can be found within.

Unfortunately I prefer reduction sauces to the various iterations of the mother sauces, but there are some very knowledgeable folk around here, and I'm sure you'll have a good long list soon enough.
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I guess the mother sauces are getting busy. ;)
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If I remember right - there are SEVEN (7) Mother Sauces. Marie Antoine (Antonin) Carême codified 4:

Allemande, based on white stock, thickened with egg yolk
Béchamel, based on milk, thickened with roux
Espagnole, based on brown stock, thickened with roux
Velouté, based on a white stock, thickened with roux

Carême's number 1 student/disciple Georges Auguste Escoffier added 3 more to the list of Mother Sauces based on:

tomato based sauces (take your pick)
butter based sauces - like Hollandaise
emulsion based sauces - like Mayonnaise

Like College_Cook said - if you want a basic foundation in classic French sauces - get Escoffier's book Le Guide Culinaire - or if you want it in English, and for a few bucks less, try this one, or wade through the e-Bay listings ... or check your local library.
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I have never heard of "daughter" sauces. However, the 5 mother sauces are the foundation for endless other "compound" sauces that can be created by adding other ingredients to the mother sauces. Because of that, college_cook is right. With all the potential combinations, we could go on for 100 pages.
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I don't think we have to provide an exhaustive list in order to give Nick some ideas. Here is a list of recipes for some French sauces, most based on one of the mother sauces (or recipes for the mother sauces themselves): Recipes for French Sauces

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I'm just reiterating the point made... read up on French cookery, the list goes on and on and on and on...
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