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Originally Posted by merstar View Post
I like cilantro pesto: Cilantro (leaves and stems), garlic, walnuts, Parmigiano Reggiano, extra virgin olive oil, a few pinches salt, and lemon juice. The lemon juice makes all the difference - really picks it up.
I made a pesto very similar to that last night, except it had ¾ cup of cilantro and ½ cup of Italian parsley. It was excellent. I also have a recipe around here someplace that adds a seeded jalapeno to the mix, also very good.
Doug Collins
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I use pesto all year long, and find that the commercial has a very off flavor. I make traditional basil garlic pine nut olive oil parmesan cheese pesto when my basil is huge at the end of summer (like right now) and after it sets in the fridge for day well covered in oil and plastic, I potion it into ice cube trays and freeze it. THen I'll pop out the pesto cubes, wrap them individually and pop in a freezer bag.

pesto with brie=1 cube

pesto pasta for 2 or 3=2 cubes


works very well
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I make two pestos. One is cilantro & basil with lime juice and one is basil and parsley with miso. I don't eat dairy so neither has cheese.

Cilantro Pesto:

Basic Vegan Pesto:

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they all sound good. however i love cilantro so lean to trying the ones that contain it. have basil still in pot. gonna give one or two a try
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Originally Posted by Claire View Post
I tried pistachios instead of pine nuts years ago, and that is what I go with for the most part (with the other traditional ingredients). Perhaps because of their high fat content, AND my location, I was getting some very expensive, but sometimes rancid, pine nuts.

Because I always have a bumper crop of herbs and don't quite know what to do with them, I make "pestos" of various ingredients, but I would never presume to call them Italian pesto. They are just ways to freeze my herbs in a very accessible, semi-fresh tasting and menu-ready way.

My favorite way is something I call my "Southeast Asian Pesto". It is in no way shape or form pesto, is it just a paste that I can use throughout the year. Use approximately the proportions you use for a traditional Italian pesto:

Peanuts (instead of pine nuts)
Peanut oil (instead of olive oil)
ginger (I use about an inch per food processor bowl full, but my husband and friends LOVE ginger)
lots of basil; for this I love lime basil, but most basil will do)
cilantro (just a touch)
A couple of hot green chili peppers (I'm going for the Thai green chili thing here)
Squeeze of lime juice, some lemongrass if you have it, if not some lime or lemon peel

Put everything except the oil and the basil in the food processor and chop until very fine. Then add the basil and pour in the peanut oil until it reaches a pesto-like consistency. At this point it can be frozen.

A tablespoon or two added to a can of coconut milk and and equal amount of stock, with or without the meat of your choice, and some fresh vegetables makes a great southeast Asian soup. Pour it over a scoop of Jasmine rice and you have a full meal.

I suppose there should be another word for this. Green curry paste is presumptuous, but it comes close.
Claire: You sound innovative, and I appreciate that in a cook. Kudos
CHEERS! Pennsy
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