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Originally Posted by Rocklobster View Post
Just microwave some Cheeze whiz. Close enough.
Good idea, Rock. Even add some green chilies.

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If it's just going on fries I vote gravy and cheese curds
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Silversage - The reason why many people (myself included) posted about beginning with a béchamel was simply because most cooks begin a cheese sauce with a béchamel. One of the most traditional cheese sauces built this way is a Mornay, but you can make a béchamel any consistency you desire (from which the cheese sauce will be any thickness you desire - including runny at room temperature). I (along with others) were trying to ensure the original poster that roux based sauces can be silky smooth - without particulates or that flour taste many associate with poorly made roux based cheese sauces.

I'm not threatened in the least by whoever the article was by. He's probably a great cook/chef/food-scientist... but the context in which you framed your arguments were quite different after making the claim that "No one" is "better" (whatever that means) at food science than this guy. I take exception to absolute claims like this, and simply voiced my opinion as such along with my (hopefully) helpful encouragement.
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Originally Posted by Rocklobster View Post
Just microwave some Cheeze whiz. Close enough.
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butter, cheese, corn starch, milk, recipe

Why did my bechamel/cheese sauce fail? Hi All Im trying to figure out why something like this would happen to a sauce. Its never happened before to me. Made a fairly good cheese sauce recently. The texture was great, nice and thick and cheesey, taste was good and most important of all it was grain free. It was smooth as cheese sauce should be. At least it was at the start. Basically i took: 50 grams unsalted butter 3 Tablespoons corn starch 900ml of milk 3 cups of grated masdam cheese (nice melting European cheese) 1 Teaspoon of salt Melted the butter. Took it off the heat and added corn starch and whisked together until lump free. Put it back on the heat and added the milk and again whisked together continuously just like making a bechamel sauce. The sauce thickens up nicely after 5-10 min and i turn the heat down and keep cooking it a bit longer to get the raw corn starch flavors out. Took it off the heat and let it cool down a little so as to not overcook the cheese in the next step. Then 1 handful at a time i added the cheese while whisking at the same time. at the end added the salt to taste. The result was a very thick,smooth and very nice tasting cheese sauce. Then as it began cooling it started taking on a more liquid gelatinous consistency. By the time it had cooled completely over an hour it was as liquid as the milk i started with. The sauce was ruined. My question is what's the scientific reason behind this? And what steps can i take to stop this from happening. thanks:chef: 3 stars 1 reviews
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