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Freezing in Marinade...

I've decided to make some marinated chicken breasts (Using one I found on here (dang, need one more post before I can post a url...) as a basis for the marinade, substituting regular thyme for Lemon-thyme.) and I came up with the following question:

Is it possible to plop the chicken in the marinade, vac-pac it and freeze it for later thawing and cooking? Vac-pac is done with a Seal-a-Meal in a bag, if that makes a difference.

(more)Detailed Plan:
I have 6 chicken breasts ( -bone, -skin) which I plan to halve.
Using the above marinade (in appropriate quantities), vac-marinade 2 (4 halves) for approx 4 hours then cooked. (Breaded with some bread crumbs, pan seared (I guess is the term) in a little butter, and finished in the oven.)

The other 4 (8 halves) I plan to vac-marinade at the same time, but instead of letting them simply sit in the box like the ones I will cook immediately I want freeze them to be thawed later and cooked (probably same-same method).

Is the freezing plan possible and/or reccommended?

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Yep you can absolutely do that.
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I ahve done that before. Make sure your marinade is not salt or acid heavy as it could get real soft when you cook it. This may be prefered but I find it a bit nasty when the meat is cooked but super soft.
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