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Honey-based marinades?

I've been trying to cook more recently, but I need to keep things pretty simple because of my skill level and the time I can invest in it... I've been mostly having grilled chicken and salad every day, though it's still better than what I used to have when I ate out every day.
I've been trying different ways of spicing the chicken in my attempt to break the monotony, not really looking things up just experimenting with what I have at home.
Today I tried to make a lemon-honey marinade, and I guess it tasted fine. I just dissolved the honey in lemon and added some spices, then let the chicken soak in it, not very long. Then after I put the chicken on the grill (well, non-stick pan) I actually poured the rest of the juice/honey onto it, and I wonder if that was a mistake. There was a black film left on the side of the chicken, most of which I could pull off easily. I assume that was burned sugar from the honey.
Would it be better if I had just not poured the liquid on? Are you supposed to avoid excess liquid when you are cooking something that's been marinated, in general?
Sorry, total beginner here...

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A marinade and a glaze are not the same thing. Generally, the marinade is disguarded before baking-roasting-grilling-etc. There can be problems with bacteria using a marinade after the marinading is done.

A glaze is sometimes applied near the end of the roasting in order to prevent the sugar from burning, but just begin to caramelize. Basting with a sweet liquid throughout the cooking can be done as long as the temperature is low enough not to incinerate the glaze.
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Are you limited to chicken for variety. Consider other proteins for variety.

If you marinate raw meat/poultry/fish in a marinade, you cannot use it as a sauce unless you bring it to a boil to ensure any bacteria from the raw food is destroyed. If you want a glaze, you brush on a thin coating during the final minutes of cooking.
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