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Induction range/vapor oven/built-in-wok questions


Having finally paid off our house (whoppie !) we are planning on building an extension and putting in our "dream kitchen".

Of course, we have seen several people about what sort of appliances to put in.

One suggested 2 ovens: a traditional one and a vapor one. Does anyone have experience with the latter? Do you use it often (we don't want any gadgets)? Do you like it?

The kitchen man also strongly suggests induction heating, saying that the new generation heats up very quickly, and that they consume less energy than gas and react just as quickly (raising or lowering the temperature).
Any comments on this?

Last, but not least, does anyone have experience with the "hole in the counter" type Wok heater? Does it chip? Is it easy to clean? Does it work as well as a strong gas flame?

Best regards,
Alex R.

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Induction cooking is indeed fast and hot. I cannot speak to energy consumption or durability. there must be some info online. If you don't have gas line already, that could be expensive to add.

A built-in wok burner can be a good idea if you're going to use it a lot. Another gas appliance. A normal to high output comsumer range burner runs 12000-15000 BTUs. A legit wok burner should be 3-4 times that output. If you get one that's in that heat range, it will indeed be better than a normal stove burner.

I don't know about vapor ovens.
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the induction wok burners (the hole or dip in the counter) are pretty fierce. Induction is good...but same isssues as glass top...not much friction to hold the pot on the stove so you can't stir with just one hand. Takes getting used to. Also must have magnetic cookware so copper and aluminum won't work.
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