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Oven temperature trouble

Recently me and my girlfriend have moved into a new apartment and the oven there is crazy...for example we will try to make a cake and the edges will burn but the cake itself wont be cooked yet in the middle. Weve tried turning it down low but the same thing happens. Does anybody have any advice? Sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum im new to this site also.

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Welcome to DC.

Sounds like the temperature settings in the oven are off. You can do a simple test with an oven thermometer. The thermometer should read a increase in the oven temp to the set level plus a few degrees then it will cool down to a number a little lower than the set temp the heat up again and cool down again. There should be about a ten degree over and under.

Depending on what that shows, you'll need a repair person to fix it.
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Is the problem just with baking a cake? Was it chocolate?

If the problem is with anything you put in it, talk with the manager see if they can either get it repaired or replace it with a new one.
I'm wondering how old it is, and what other problems does it have that you might not know about.

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How old an oven is doesn't always mean anything - my apartments replaced our gas stoves with electric ones and my brand new oven was off over 50!

Here is my test:

Put the oven rack in the center position and put the oven thermometer in the center of it. Then turn the oven on starting at 250F, let it heat up until the light goes out (showing it thinks it is up to the temp you set it for) and then check the temp - be sure to write this down. Then, repeat in 50F increments up to 500F. You now know what the actual temp is for each setting from 250-500. Sometimes it will be off the same about all across the board, sometimes it's off more at one end of the scale than at the other.

Then, if it is off enough to complain to the apartment management about, you have the numbers to back up your claim that it needs to be re-calibrated or repaired.
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Cheap Oven Problem

Mostly you will find any oven but the top rated models that cost a great deal have hot and cold spots. All ovens are improved by placing heat sinks...pizza stone, bricks, heavy tiles on a rack raised an inch or so above the bottom heat sheild or electric element. I use a ceramic kiln shelf 1" thick that fits within the space to 1" of the walls. This GREATLY evens out the temperatures within the oven. The extra time taken to heat the oven when using these aids is well worth the end results IMHO.
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Oven dial adjustment

My apartment oven was 25 degrees off according to my oven thermometer. I removed the oven dial and made slight adjustments to the back of the dial and replaced it. Now my oven dial and oven temperature are the same.
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I think it is not the temps, but rather air circulation in the oven. If edges get burn and middle is not ready. I’m not sure if simple oven tem taste will help in this situation. I’d say complain to land lord about the oven. Maybe there are other things one can do to fix it.
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