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Slow Cooker. How to choose?

I'm on the hunt for a slow cooker. I've never owned or used one before, but love the thought of coming home to a warm meal that's ready to eat. I don't have a lot of counter or storage space in my apartment and am mostly cooking for two. Any suggestions?

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Welcome to DC. This I a fun place to be. Lots of laughs, plenty of info. So stick around. Someone will come with an answer.
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Grab up a 2 quart slow cooker, big enough for two. Brand is not really important as they all work the same way. I picked up two off brands for $5 each at Walmart several years ago and they are still going strong.
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I cook for two (mostly), and find that the 4 quart is the one used most often. The 3 quart is a bit too small for most meals. My daughter cooks for two, and uses a 6 quart, as she plans to have leftovers for another meal or two. She works from home, and has the flexibility to start a meal during the day.

If I was still working full time, I would look at one of the modern pressure cookers, such as the Instant Pot. They are sometimes referred to as fast slow cookers, and I've seen a lot of recipes for dinners that can be cooked in an hour or less. I keep thinking about getting one, but my wife tells me that I don't need any more cooking equipment. Needs and wants are two different things, though.

You might want to consider how long you are away. Coming home to a warm meal sounds appealing, but most meals would be overcooked if you are away for 10 hours. Browse some of the recipes and see what will work for you.
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I chose mine by the all welded, 1/4" steel construction, the fire box will hold splits of wood and the over all quality of the Horizon brand name. The Classic 16 was the perfect size for my needs.
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Slow Cooker. How to choose?

Several of us here swear by our Nesco roasters. It's multipurpose, a slow cooker, steamer, and roasting oven. The insert is removable.

I use my 4 qt. Hamilton Beach slow cooker for two people, but I tend to make plenty of leftovers.
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I have 2 4 quart slow cookers; one is an original Crock Pot with a removable ceramic insert from over 30 years ago and still going strong and the other is my Krups rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker and oatmeal maker. Even though I mostly cook for myself, if I were to buy a new one I would go with the 6 quart because that seems to be the size most slow cooker recipes require.

I prefer the Crock Pot slow cooker because the low setting is lower than the temperature slow cookers are set today because of CYOA food safety concerns, just like the instructions on a frozen food packages that say to make sure the internal temperature reaches 165F, even if the ingredients are already precooked, or don't require cooking, like fruit pies.
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I have an Instant Pot 7-in-1 multicooker. I like it a lot because it has a stainless steel insert, so you can brown and cook (slow cook or pressure cook) in the pan, and then switch it to saute to simmer and reduce liquids when the cooking is done. You can set the slow cook time for up to 10 hours; when the cook time is done, it automatically switches to the warm setting for up to several hours. Everything I've made so far has come out great.
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A 4 quart sounds about right for you. I swear by my Crock Pot. I've had it for two years. I also have an 8 quart Hamilton Beach for when I want to makea big batch of meat like a roast or whole chicken.

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