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WalMart Appliances

i have found that some Walmart Appliances are manufactured just for sale in their stores. the problem is that there is no instructions that come with it. for example i bought a steamer and rice maker and the instructions said do nto immerse bottom unit in water and use the appliance carefully. i mean give me a break what was that. now i went to an Oster web page and found my steamer was actualy a knockoff and i simply rescued the appliance instructions from there and my new steamer works just fine and at half the price. has anyone else found the same problem

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Hello and welcome to DC.

I knew major makers produce items just for Wal-Mart. GE small appliances (click on Small Appliances) are exclusive to Wal-Mart. I didn't know the instructions were so seriously lacking.
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I have never had that problem.
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I've never had that problem with the appliances I've purchased that were made exclusively for Wal-Mart. On the contrary, the book that came with our toaster oven was almost TOO thorough.
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"do not immerse bottom unit in water" is a fairly standard warning for many coutertop appliances - like rice cookers, slow cookers, etc.

Sometimes things are returned to stores that have nothing wrong with them .. and they get put back on the shelves. Sometimes they are missing instructions, sometimes missing parts. Sometimes they come frrm the mfg missing instructions or parts.

I don't think you can blame WalMart, or their appliances, for that.
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i am so pleased that you all commented

i am not suggesting all appliances are like that and t he re shelving is a problem in most stores maybe i was just unlucky thank anywya for theinput
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I guess that they were able to offer that special low price to you by not having to print up instructions for you. It's things like that you'll see on the news .......Made in China with some kind of hazard tagged to it.
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