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Old 10-18-2020, 12:50 PM   #1
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What Accessories Do You Have For Your KitchenAid Mixer?

What Accessories Do You Have For Your KitchenAid Mixer?

For me, it is:

1.) Pasta Roller - At the recommendation of someone here I gave this a try. It is a beast, and so much fun. I rarely use my extruder machine anymore as I can get so much of a better dough made and rolled out with this as extruder dough tends to need to be stiffer and dryer. Plus it is WAY faster and easier to clean up afterwards.

2.) Meat Grinder - Got this free with the Mixer. I don't eat meat that often, by I like a mix of sirloin and chuck for my chilis and burgers. This is kinda slow going, but it gets the job done. A bit more work but noticeably better than supermarket bought ground beef.

But this thing has upped my Falafel game considerably. I used to make it in the food processor, but this extracts so much more juice from the aromatics, the mixture is just so much more flavorful and holds it shape better. No measuring, no prep... I just alternate dribbling in chickpeas, garlic cloves, herbs, onion quarters, repeat and it comes out fabulous. Since discovering this I think I'm gonna try it with salsa next time.

3.) Citrus Juicer - This is a third party unit, but I can't tell the difference from the original. It is actually easier to clean than my little hand unit and really reams "all" the juice out of my citrus.

4.) 3 Qt Bowl - I am usually a small batch guy and this generally works better than the 5 Qt bowl that came with my Artisan.

5.) Scraper Paddle - Original KitchenAid model I bought for cheescake, but it works well with other sticky/gooey stuff. Doesn't totally remove the need to scrap down the bowl, but usually limits it to just one time.

So what do you have... and how do you like it?
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LOL.... My KitchenAid mixer arrived late in my life.

I already had a pasta extruder, which at the same price as one for the mixer, ain't going to be exchanged non-too soon. Although, I admit, I would love not to really have to crank it by hand.

Meat grinder - one of the first ones ever on the market. As I rarely grind meat - this also is not on my wish list.

I also have a juicer that attaches to my ancient Sunbeam Mixer (umm... early 60's).

Scraper paddle - wish list if it falls out of the sky.

3quart - most definetly! but covid restraints have shot down running out to find/buy one.
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Old 10-18-2020, 02:03 PM   #3
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I actually don't have any accessories for my KA. It's about 18-20 years old.

If I was looking, I'd go for the all metal meat grinder with the sausage stuffing accessory.
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Old 10-18-2020, 02:54 PM   #4
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I had a metal meat grinder for my KA back in the 70s, when I first got it, and in my second year in college, someone stole it! I didn't even know anyone else that had a KA! I waited until a few years later, but when I went to look for another one, there were only plastic ones made. I got one, but it slowly developed a crack in the side (I see they make metal ones now, so this must have happened to others), so it only lasted about 10 years - then I got a self standing metal meat grinder, which I still have.

I used to have one of those "food processor" attachments, with the cone shaped things that sliced, or shredded, but I got rid of that when I got an actual food processor!

That scraper blade I got when they first came out, and it works great! Strange thing was, when I got my new one a little over a year ago, it came with a scraper blade, but it didn't work as well as the one I had before! This is really the only thing I have now, that could be considered an accessory.
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Old 10-18-2020, 03:47 PM   #5
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Gosh, I hadn't thought about that question before....

I have the 3 mixing blades that came with mine,
the balloon whisk, dough hook and the paddle,
that DH bought me probably 30 years ago.
Not too long ago, I bought one of those blades with
the scraper attached to it, love that!
Oh yeah, when it first came out, oh I don't know when,
DH bought me the set for pasta: roller, spaghetti and fettuccini cutters.
I can't recall if I've ever tried the spaghetti cutter before.

Anywhos, I'm good with those attachments.
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Old 10-18-2020, 05:21 PM   #6
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Meat Grinder. Slicer/Shredder (don't get one). That's all , for now.

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Old 10-19-2020, 06:37 AM   #7
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We now only have the Spiralizer and Sheeter. Since we now have a designated grinder, we gave the KA one to DD.
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Old 10-19-2020, 01:04 PM   #8
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I have a variety of beaters plus these things I never use:

Sausage grinder/stuffer
Pasta cutter
1 quart bowl

I have a second full size bowl that I use constantly
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Old 10-19-2020, 01:14 PM   #9
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I only have the beaters that came with it. I have a separate meat grinder/sausage stuffer that I should use more often.
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Old 10-19-2020, 08:13 PM   #10
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I remember way back in the 70s they had a grain mill for the KA, but the cost was more than double what my mixer cost, so I never really thought any more about it. They stopped making them, but I looked just to see, and they have one now! And it actually costs less than it did back then, though it's smaller than what I remember. Not something I need - I just got thinking about it, when I moved my mill earlier.
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Old 10-19-2020, 08:30 PM   #11
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I only have the meat grinder (which I only used a few times) and a copper bowl insert (I don't think they make them anymore) that I use when whipping egg whites. I just recently bought the beater blade that I will use when making Christmas cookies this year.
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Where to start...metal meat grinder w/extra grinding plates, grain mill, tho' I don't use it and should pass it on, beater blade (yes!), stainless steel dough hook, extra bowls, pelican head with all four disks, pour chute/shield, water jacket, snap on lids for mixer bowls, basic 3 pasta rollers. K5SS...and a Hobart N50 (N50 has it's own stainless steel flat beater and dough hook), so everything but beaters and pouring chute fit both, but I also have an old tinned steel pouring chute for the N50, goes with the pelican head to shred and slice right into the bowl. Oh, and teak gearshift knobs on the bowl lift handles. I'm as mixed up as can be.
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