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Oven thermometers (not cooking thermometers)

I recently moved into a new apartment. The oven is a cheap, gas oven with a dial to set the temperature and no display of any variety. The dial also has had all the writing worn off, so I have been guessing at how hot the oven is based on how quickly water evaporates when I toss a drop onto the oven floor (a surprisingly reliable test, if you've had the practice).

I can buy a cheap oven thermometer at any store (the type that dangles from a rack); however, I've always found those to be completely unusable, since you have to open the door and put your face in front of 425 degrees to get a read on it. I figured there has got to be some kind of digital system that works like the probe style cooking thermometers (i.e. can run a cord outside the oven with a digital display), except it tells you what temperature the oven is at rather than your meat.

I cannot find such a tool, however. Mainly the problem is searching for "oven thermometer" gives me pages and pages of probe and instant read thermometers. Any leads? I just want something that tells me what temperature my oven is without having to open the door. If they don't exist, I guess I could hack something up with a probe thermometer (clip the probe to a rack), but that's a last resort.

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I'm starting to be able to answer my own question. After more searching and more explicit key word use I found this thermometer, which seems to be along the lines of what I'm looking for: https://www.amazon.com/Maverick-OT-3.../dp/B0013JSU0O

If you know of others, or, even better, have opinions or ways to evaluate a good oven thermometer, please let me know.
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Here's ATK's opinion:

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Thanks. Ironically enough, what I'm really looking for is that thermo-couple they use to get benchmark everything. Too bad they didn't show make and model for that.
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You want to search for "wireless oven thermometer." Here's one: https://www.amazon.com/Maverick-OT-3.../dp/B0013JSU0O
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Check out this website. The top of the line for kitchen thermometers. ThermoWorks - Home
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I have an older Maverick digital themometer which comes with both the food and oven/cooker/smoker probes. I've only used the it on my smoker to monitor food and chamber temps. Very reliable and accurate.
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