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Questions about cutting board

I've bought a cutting board which is from Japan. The text and manual is all in Japanese that I don't understand.

It's a hard cutting board that is white in color. I guess it's not made of wood. However, I am not sure if it's PVC something.

My questions is

1. How should I clean the cutting board? Does it vary between materials so I have to find out what it's made of? Can I just clean it with tap water?

I had bad experience cleaning with "Cleaning Sponge Scrub Scouring Pad", it left the green slice onto the cutting boards which was VERY sticky and couldn't be washed away easily with running water. Making the cutting boards useless...

2. Can I use cutting board with any knives? Or should I use only knives made of materials that is suitable to the board?

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You should be able to use any knife on a cutting board.

Wood boards require different treatment from boards of manmade materials. Plastic is the most common alternative to wood.

I'd avoid bamboo boards as the epoxy the glues the board together is very hard and therefore hard on knife edges.

Wood boards can be really attractive but require more attention. Plastic boards are utilitarian but easier to care for. I put mine in the dishwasher to clean and sanitize them.

I use soap with a blue sponge that has a scrubber side that's teflon safe. Never had an issue with it's leaving a residue on a board.
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Presumably the sales material you looked at while deciding to buy the board is in English. That will likely tell you what the board is made of and whether its dishwasher safe.
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I have to admit that I have never questioned how to clean a cutting board. I have had wood, bamboo (and I like them and don't have any problem with them dulling my knives), and at least 2 different types of plastic, and I wash them all in hot soapy water, then air dry. I don't put any of them in the dishwasher, and I've never had any issues with contamination.
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