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Best vessel for steaming

I am trying to perfect the method of a Persian tahdig, steamed rice with a crispy base. I used to make it in a teflon saucepan, but then I reasoned that having effectively dry teflon on the heat for a long time is not good.

So I moved over to a type of ceramic saucepan, but it seems that the oil used in making the base formed a sticky layer over the base of the pot (which I cannot get rid of, no matter how much I try :( )

Now I've gone back to stainless steel: I burnt it the first time (cooked faaar too long). The next time I used more oil. Then the crust was too oily. However, I have noticed that the bottom of the pot does not stick as much now, which leads me to....

...can I season stainless steel? I feel like I've inadvertently done so.

I also have another teflon saucepan with a heavier base. Having this on the heat for a while may be better, but do I run the risk of ruining the coating again?

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It sounds a lot like paella. If you can get an enameled steel paella pan, like this, I would use that.


Olive oil in the pan, then seasoning, rice, and liquid. Cover and put in the oven to steam. The indirect heat of the oven will help prevent scorching the rice on the bottom.
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Fine Cooking magazine just did an article on tahdig a couple months ago. They recommended a heavy dutch oven, and didn't specify non-stick. Non-stick would probably reduce browning, which is counter-prodictive to the recipe.

Here's the article:
Persian Saffron Rice
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I have recently had a reply from an owner of a Persian cooking site who told me this:

"Making a successful tahdig in a stainless steel pot is very tricky. Although not impossible. However, I wouldn't recommend it. Not only is it hard to turn out a good tahdig, but can damage your pot, as well.

I like to use a well seasoned cast iron pan, or a non-stick pot. I also make rice and tahdig in my cast enamel Dutch oven style pots, like Le Creuset. But, cast enamel can be temperamental when it comes to tahdig, too.

A couple of tips: 1- Grease the bottom well (sounds like you're already doing this). Use a combination of butter and oil. 2- Use a heat diffuser. 3- When ready to serve fill your sink with a small amount of cold water, or wet a kitchen towel, place pot in sink (or on wet towel) for about a minute. This should help with the release of the tahdig. "

Many of those on youtube also use non-stick pots. I'm just afraid of making my non-stick...stick!
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