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Black spots on white pan

We've got new Farberware New Traditions pans - aluminum with white nonstick surface.

My wife put this pan on the stove to warm up for a few minutes, and before putting anything else in the pan, it started to develop black spots (picture attached). They seem like they can scrape off with enough effort, but I don't know if the pan is damaged and if that would make it unsafe.

Looking at this picture, does this look familiar to anyone? Is it safe to cook with, or did we do permanent damage to it?


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I have a few questions.

You say this is a new pan. If so, is this the first time you've/your wife's used it?

Did it get washed with hot soapy water before it was used the first time? If not, perhaps the dark spots are residue from the manufacturing process that got hot and showed up.

I'm a washaholic, wash everything before it's used/worn, and would've given the pan a good, thorough wash before I used it.

What did the packaging say about preheating it? That might be a clue.

From the photo, it appears only the bottom (which would've come in direct contact with the heat source) is the only area showing the dark spots. Again, seems like something might have been on the surface.

Just my thoughts from the top of my head. Let's see what others have to say.
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Katie, thanks for the reply.

This was the first use, but she did wash it thoroughly before use.

I don't recall the packaging saying anything about preheating, but I could be wrong. I looked online and couldn't find any instruction manuals or anything like that for the pan set, so I'm not sure.

I did just see that they recommend not using high heat, and she says that it was high heat. So that's a definite possibility.
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Hi and welcome to Discuss Cooking

High heat should not be used with non-stick cookware as it can degrade the coating over time. I don't think it's permanently damaged after one use.

When preheating the pan, always put some kind of fat in it - oil or butter or something. No need to use non-stick sprays in a non-stick pan That will only lead to hard-to-clean residue.
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Thanks GotGarlic. We'll keep that in mind in the future.
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Is that a teflon type non-stick coating or one of the new ceramic non-sticks?
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It feels different from the regular non-stick pans I've used in the past - I can't tell for sure, but I think it's the ceramic kind.
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Never preheat a nonstick pan without some liquid or fat in it. And never put a nonstick pan over high heat.

It appears you did both.
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Is it still safe to use? I would say yes. But get a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and see if it will help remove those spots. Just don't press TO HARD. Good luck with your new pan and here hoping for a lot of tasty meals.

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