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Originally Posted by Leichty View Post
Yea I don't think either one is better than the other I just would of liked to shop locally I'm not that far from Toledo , Ohio Where the pan were made. But it is getting harder to do that, So I take it that these pans are worth the money? I'm starting with a 10 or 12 inch skillet for eggs which would you suggest?
Those ate VERY big skillets
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Originally Posted by Somebunny View Post
Charlie, I envy you the 20 year old Calaphon. I would love to get my hands on some of the stuff from back when I bought my large sauté pan. Before they started putting silver stone or other non stick surface on the Calaphon. I like the original, but they don't seem to sell it anymore. I really don't like "non-stick" :(
DH bought me a set of Calphalon for Christmas a couple years ago - it's stainless steel, not non-stick. No idea where it was made, but I love it. I have one non-stick pan - I only use it for eggs and crepes.
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Old 12-27-2012, 05:30 PM   #23
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I just was in COSTCO, they carry a nice set of Calphalon. Non-stick set. And the best part it was made in US of A. I almost wish I need it set like that. Was not expensive either, don’t remember how much.
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Old 12-28-2012, 12:33 AM   #24
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Charlie, I have seen that set at Costco and the only thing stopping me from buying it is that I really would rather have the original hard anodized Calphalon which acted like non stick, but does not have a silver stone coating. I guess I will have to haunt the second hand stores or settle for non stick. :(
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charlie, i think you just convinced me to re-up my costco membership. my wife recently mentioned how much she likes a calphalon grill pan that we picked up at an outlet mall this past summer, so i was thinking of getting her a nice set for valentine's day... ( just kidding)

but i would like to get her a nice set since she's really gotten into cooking of late. if it's made in americe, well, that's even better. right now we just have the remaining bits and pieces of sets from emerilware to bialetti to el cheapo knock off stuff.

it'll be nice to have one good set to use.
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I have a few Calphalon Contemporary pieces. A 7qt Sauteuse Pan, a 10in & 12in Omelette Pan (which I hardly use for eggs). I really like them. I have been cooking for my family for over 20 years and I would have to say that your pots and pans are like being married. Treat them right and they will not let you down. Abuse them and they will fall apart. I have experienced no problems with my Calphalon and use them often. Well not the Sauteuse Pan. If Costco has a set. look at them, they are not on their website and are probably a special buy. Not sure if I would go with the Simply Nonstick if that is what they are. Be careful though. Not all that glitters at Costco is gold. My brother-in-law really likes my J.A. Henckel knives and he thought he was getting a good deal at Costco, but what he got were inferior stamped Henckel knives that began to spot and then rust. I bought him a knife for Christmas.
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