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Thumbs up Calphalon Came Through For Me

I have often come here and said how happy I am with my Calphalon pans. Well today is no exception.

We received a number of Calphalon non-stick pans as wedding gifts. I have loved them for as long as I have had them. They have quite a bit of weight to them so they really hold onto the heat and promote even cooking without hot spots. They cost quite a bit more than some of the other non-stick pans out there, but in my opinion they are worth the extra cost. Aside from the the quality of the constructions and materials used, this particular line I have offers a lifetime warranty.

As most of us know, Teflon coatings do not last forever. They do wear out eventually. Well this happened with my 12" frying pan. A spot started to form where the coating looked like it was getting a bit dull. That spot was not quite as non-stick as the rest of the pan. Over time the spot started to grow and eventually the coating started to flake off down to the bare metal. I sent the pan back to Calphalon with a letter saying that I have always loved the pan and have taken care of it according to their directions (no metal, no dishwasher, etc.) and asked them to replace it under the lifetime warranty. In a weeks time I received (with no questions asked) a brand new pan. They no longer make the same pan that I had so they replaced it with their most current line. I could not be more pleased with the service I have received from Calphalon.

There are two schools of thought with non-stick pans. Some people like to buy the cheapest ones they can find and not worry about taking care of them. If they get scratched or the coating wears off they go out and buy a new pan and don't feel bad because they did not spend a lot of $. That is certainly one route to go. For me, I like getting the more expensive pan with the warranty. I like that I am not throwing pans away into landfills as often as what I would have to do with a cheaper pan. I also like the weight and performance of the better made pans.

So I just wanted to pass this info along to anyone who could benefit from it. Calphalon did right by me and I am very happy about it.

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I agree.

Williams-Sonoma is very good about replacing pots and pans with such problems, no questions asked.
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Good to know. I just checked mine out, no scratches. I probably don't have the pans with the lifetime warranty though.
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