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Angry Finding Fissler

HELP! I cannot seem to find a retailer in the United States that carries Fissler cookware! My mother bought a Fissler pressure cooker in Germany over 20 years ago, and I know that they're still in business (because they have a website), but I cannot find any place that sells it here! I have recently discovered the joy of pressure cooking, but really don't want to settle for a crappy pressure cooker. Does anyone know a retailer in the US that carries Fissler?

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Try here:


There may be others.
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Here's another link:


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Holy guacamole, Batman (Chris). I hope you have the bucks for one of these super expensive pressure cookers.

You certainly can find a top quality alternative for about one third of the dollars, right here in the US.
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Old 11-10-2006, 06:29 AM   #5
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Oh my god...

i can't belive Fissler is that expensive in the states...

if you like... take a look at the german amazon site... www.amazon.de to find Fissler cookware... there you can get a pressure cooker (by Fissler) starting at 68 Euros... that should be about 90 US$...

but i can't tell what's about toll and tax, if you buy there...

EDIT: i just find out that they won't send items from "kitchen and home" "Küche und Haushalt" outside germany and austria... i'm sorry...

EDIT2: you can also buy Fissler at amazon.com (but they have none avaible at this time)... don't mind to buy WMF Products instead... they are also real good... unfotunaly they are a little more expensive then Fissler...

Regards, Markus
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Old 11-14-2006, 03:20 PM   #6
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Talking Finally!

UPDATE: Well, I finally got in contact with my former classmate from college who is going to graduate school in France, and I got a Blue Point Fissler pressure cooker shipped to me! As I expected, it performs wonderfully, doesn't scorch food even under high flame, and is dishwasher safe! I also bought a big Fagor pressure cooker because of the low price, and I have to say, you get what you pay for! the steam release mechanism is cheap, leaks water all over the stove, the base is too thin, and it just feels like it's lower quality. Nonetheless, I have taken to pressure cooking nearly every day, whether for steaming veggies, making a stew, rice, or pot roast! Why, oh why, hasn't America re-embraced the pressure cooker?
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