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Originally Posted by Constance View Post
I prefer Calphalon. Cast iron is too heavy for me, and I don't want anything that sticks. Calphalon is guaranteed, so if you get it too hot too many times, and the coating starts flaking off, they will replace it for free.
Do you have to send it back to Calphalon or can you exchange it at a store like, say, Bed Bugs & Beyond?
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Originally Posted by Sir_Loin_of_Beef View Post
Do you have to send it back to Calphalon or can you exchange it at a store like, say, Bed Bugs & Beyond?

I purchase nothing unless I can get a 30 day satisfaction or refund guarantee.
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Yes. Here in the south a cast iron skillet is a basic survival tool - also may be adequately used as a weapon if needed.;-). Mine were passed down from my Grandmother & Great Grandmother. Here, if you make cornbread in anything less than an iron skillet - you automatically get the "stank eye". I have made cornbread in a Pyrex dish and it was still cornbread. But CLEARLY, I March to the beat of my own drum. And I will make my cornbread how I darn well please. After years of experience, my way - is Granny's iron skillet. Now I will admit to occasionally using a Pyrex dish for cornbread for dressing. But I really love my cast iron skillets. I also use it for any frying, grilled cheese, gravies, or just about anything. Great for monkey bread, pineapple upside cake, biscuits. They are very heavy though & there are times when the carpal tunnel coupled with the arthritis won't allow me to use these without hubby digging them out for me. But I still say there is absolutely no comparison to an iron skillet. Once it does get seasoned it will last FOREVER. I have one that I know is at least 40 years old and looks just like the one I bought & seasoned myself before inheriting the others. I was raised with cast iron being the ONLY pans in the house. I do like my nonstick pan for a grilled cheese or an omelet as it is much lighter and takes less butter or oil. But, I can cook anything in cast iron and it is more versatile. It can go from stovetop to oven. Just buy one small skillet and get acquainted with it. For my first new one, I smoked the house up trying to season it. I seasoned it for 3 days. I rubbed it down with vegetable shortening and baked it for about an hour. It didn't look right. So I turned the oven off & left it in the oven. I repeated this for about 3 days. Really it was ready after the first time. It didn't look any different after the third time but I felt better about it. Obviously my vote Is cast iron. :-) happy pan purchasing.
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