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Question New Cookware - advice/tips, please

My husband and I are researching new cookware. We have always just purchased a cheaply priced set (under $100) and went with it. We both really enjoy cooking and we want to purchase a REALLY nice set that will last a long time. I also want something that can be used on the stovetop or in the oven. Any suggestions? What are your favorites?

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the "both cooktop and oven" will restrict your choices - the "best" of the plastic handles are good to about 450F but no broiling - and despite all the marketing hype, after time the plastic will degrade if used in the oven.

but, actually - one can question whether _all_ the pots need to go in the oven.
the fry/saute & dutch oven/cassole types for sure, but how often is the need to put something in a sauce pan in the oven?

but that means 'not a set' rather one from column A and two from column B and . . .
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I had a cookware set once or twice before where the screws for the handles were accessible, and I could use my biggest pot in the oven by removing them.

It was handy for braising pork butt, etc.

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I suggest you consider SS Tri-Ply ~~ I have pieces of All-clad, Calphalon, and Tramontina. All three are excellent performers...A "Set" is sometimes not the best option, if it contains pieces you would not use on a regular basis. In that case buying only the pieces you really need to fit you cooking is best. ~~ Do not pay regular retail for All-Clad CHECK HERE special prices etc. HTH
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There are a lot of good choices of cookware that has ovenproof handles. Both Sams and Costco have sets that have oven proof handles that appear to me to be of good quality. There are many more expensive brands that fit the requirements.

While it is true that some cookware seldom goes into the oven, sooner or later you are going to want to put it there. No real downside to oven proof handles.

I am assuming you intend to purchase SS cookware. Not the only choice, but the most popular one.
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Many SS clad sets have metal handles so oven use is not an issue.
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Check out America's Test Kitchen: http://http://www.cooksillustrated.c...sp?docid=19463
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America's test kitchen? Please! They're the ones telling everyone not to buy a wok to cook Chinese food.

I have a very large selection of fully clad tri-ply stainless I bought from Le Gourmet Chef. Beware the Celebrity Chef stainless stuff because the majority, if not all of them, are only tri-ply on the bottom.

I received my first tri-ply stainless as a 7 piece set, then I added on from there as the need or my desires arose. I now have every pot and pan that Le Gourmet Chef sold in stainless tri-ply. I also have a Calphalon omelette pan and Everyday pan that are non-stick, and small and large Lodge cast iron skillets.

To top it all off, I have a single fry pan I picked up at Bed, Bath and Junk for cooking one egg to just the right size for placing on pancakes or making a home made egg McMuffin, and a mini frying pan I bought at Cost Pluss World Market that's the perfect size for two eggs.
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AllCLad, Americanware (less fancy but very good), Mauviel professional stainless (talk about $$$) but the choice of many chefs, Le Crueset enamelled cast iron.

There are all kinds of other brands out there, but if you buy top quality you won't be replacing them, you'll be passing them on to your kids when they're grown.

If you want copper cookware, again get the best not the copper wrapped or copper washed. Mauviel, Falk, Bourgeat, BrooklynCopperCookware.

If it's cheap, there is a reason...find out why or you'll end up cooking on roofing grade material (made with lead in Asia) rather than food grade materials. Buyer beware in all things.
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I have high-quality pots and pans from several major manufacturers. Among my favorites are two 3-ply stainless pots made by Henckels. Superb quality, great value. Check Amazon.
Doug Collins
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Old 08-13-2011, 01:38 AM   #11
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i recently purchased a new set of 316 stainless steel cookware. can't say enough of how amazing and life changing it has been. it's called "Nutriply" and its a waterless cookware. u can fry foods like chicken with no oil or make vegetable soup with no extra water. the whole point of it is that it keeps all the nutrients and minerals of the foods inside. it's beautiful and a must have in every household that cooks.
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