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ODI Copper pans

I recently found 4 of these ODI copper pans. They are made in Portugal. But I do not know what they are for. They are about 9 5/8" in diameter and about 3/4" deep. Any ideas?

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ODI = Old Dutch International


importing 'stuff' from many places since 1950
"old Dutch" refers to the founder, not the products.

some from Portugal, some from Asia.

the "hammered" look prevails in their offerings.

yours look like a cake pan.
not in the current catalog.

from the pix, looks to be lacquered - which would fit to the "decorative" items offered.
if the metal is thin and the whole thing rather light, it's likely a wall hanger.

if it's lacquered, the coating must be completely removed before use as cookware.
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Might it be a tray of some sort?
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Old 01-31-2014, 05:05 PM   #4
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Yes, I would think decorative rather than practical.

Whilst many chefs still like copper bowls for beating eggs (it's supposed to give a better volume) copper isn't very safe for cooking in as it can contaminate even slightly acidic foods. Mostly copper pans, etc have a tinned (in old items) or other form of internal coating.

I have a collection of copper jelly moulds inherited from older members of the family. They are strictly for hanging on the kitchen wall and not for culinary use.
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Copper Kitchenware


I was thinking of buyng some copper pans and fryers.

But I read here that maybe they are not really safe.

Even if they are tinned?

I found some webstores (Pots and Pans, Cookware & Stainless Cookware | Williams-Sonoma and Welcome to Coppersmith - Decorative & Copperware - Copper Smith), and I was inclined to buy.

What do you guys think?

The second store has some frying pans with stainless steel.

Thank you
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copper is "attacked" by acid foods. so for the last couple hundred years copper cookware was 'tinned'
more recently a stainless steel lining process was perfected.
un-lined, un-tinned copper is still used extensively in the confectionery world.

yup. and stainless leaches chromium and nickel into food, cast iron leaches iron into food, aluminum will make you go batty, glazed pieces leach all kinds of elements and metals into food, 'heat proof glass' aka the 'old' Pyrex leaches boron, etc and so on. it does not matter what you pick, somewhere on the Internet you will find a nutcase with new-age (non)science telling you how bad it is.

tinned copper will require 'retinning' after some period of use - 4-5 years to 20-30 years, depends on who is stiring the pot with what. quality retinning can be hard to find, and can cost as much as the copperware did originally.

I have the stainless steel lined; even though I like "old fashioned" - I'd not recommend the tinned interiors.

copper is best suited for gas cooktops - electric coils heat and cool so slowly you will not realize the benefits of having copper as a heat conductor - solid copper does not work on induction.

Bourgeat and Mauviel are likely the "leading brands" - I would not think about a hammered finish/construction except for purely decorative uses.
if you check out their wares, one could reach a suspicion it's all made in the same place/factory/whatever - sure look alike...
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