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Originally Posted by no mayonnaise View Post
Definitely got a new one but wasn't so confident in using it thereafter. It wasn't bad or anything, but I mean how can a pizza stone be bad? Just didn't enjoy picking out pieces of ceramic (or whatever it is) from the oven for an hour.
Did you ask about getting a refund for the value of it? Curious if you were offered a credit for the value or if you had to accept another pizza stone. Oh--did you have send all the pieces back (seeing as how I'm not happy about having to send my Le Crueset DO and LID--the lid fits one of my frying pans... before I will find out if it will be replaced--I'm still not understanding the "lifetime warranty" aspect of Le Crueset--I haven't sent my DO back--it will be $25 to do that and it won't get sent back if they don't honor the guarantee--not happy it is pitted, but I also don't want to give it back! I'll use it, rather than lose it).
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To be honest, I was about 16 or 17 at the time and my mom was the one who was dealing with it, since it was hers. I only know that it got replaced and didn't get much use after that.
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I love the items I have that are from pampered chef. As far as the pizza stone that broke, my sister has exploded several pizza stones-all different brands. She finally figured out that her son was getting it way too hot, and it only had so many heating and cooling cycles before it blew up. I don't know if that is true or not.
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I broke a PC stone too. It took years. Then I bought a just about identical one from Williams-Sonoma and that broke too. Now I have a bigger one that's supposed to resist the effects of thermal shock. We'll see.
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IMHO, PC is a home business that utilizes friends and family for sales and future sales people. I won't say that it is a pyramid scheme

My experience with PC. I have a good friend (I'm her son's Godfather) who's been selling for 10-15 years, so I've received a lot of gifts from PC over the years, along with what my wife buys when she has parties.

1) All stoneware baking dishes (3 pieces) broken
2) Pizza stone broken
3) Metal (large & small) spatula/flippers broken
4) Garlic press broken (boy, did that make a mess)
5) Chopper - I'll be nice and say 'wore out'
6) Peeler - still serviceable and I like it, but I could find the same one at 1/2 the price

Thinking that with the price paid for these items they carried a great warranty, NOPE! Not one could be warranted. So the only PC purchased now is due to the 'required' party purchase. There's equal quality stuff out there for much less, and there's (MUCH) higher quality out there for the same price or less. Again, just my opinion.

If you're asking about the business side of it, it's reasonably good, depending on how you feel about targeting friends and family. You can't be afraid of 'pressing' them to buy something or knowing that they feel obligated to buy something at every party. And if you really work it, your selling them on selling also. Then you'll get a piece of their action along with yours, so press those you know that know a lot of people (with money) that you don't. Good Luck!
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I thought that this would be a really excellent design for a pastry blender, but it was not. If the fat was cold it did nothing, useless. I notice that they don't sell it any more. If they had just made the blades sharper instead of rounded and more rigid, I think that this would be a great design.

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