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Recommended oils for seasoning de Buyer Mineral 99% iron pan?

Hi. I'm not a chef or a skilled cook, just a novice starting out.

I've ordered a 24cm (9 inch) de Buyer 'Mineral Round Country pan with high side' (to begin with I want to use just one pan so that I can get a good patina going, and this pan looks like it can be used as both a frying pan and a wok)

Mineral Round Country pan with high side

Having looked online it seems there's lots of conflicting advice about how best to season these pans.

I don't want to botch the seasoning, and so was wondering which oil is best to use for seasoning a pan like this?

One thing in particular I wondered - are unrefined oils suitable for seasoning? (eg coconut or avocado oil)

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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I've had success doing the following:
--Washing the pan with hot running water and a fell's naptha or octagon type brown soap.
--Drying thoroughly and frying 1/2 cup of potato peels and 3 tbs of coarse salt in 1/4 cups of peanut oil at medium high heat.
--Discarding the fried peels, wiping out with paper towels and frying another batch of peels.
--Wiping out the pan with paper towels, rinsing the pan in HOT running water.
--Thoroughly drying the pan reheating it on medium heat and coating the pan with a light layer of peanut oil.
Each time I use the pan, I heat the pan, wipe the pan out with one or two teaspoons of oil and a paper towel. After frying, I wipe the pan out with a paper towel, rinse and brush the pan under hot running water, dry the pan and give it a light coating of peanut oil while on the stove at medium heat.

So far we've had great results frying omelettes, pancakes, hash browns, sweet potatoes, and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.
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